5 Landscaping Features for Your Yard


Spring is finally here, and it’s time for you to tackle your biggest project of the year-landscaping madison wi! While some of us spend months brainstorming landscape ideas and planning the renovation process, others of us have absolutely no idea what we want to do with our yard. If you fall under the latter category, I can help. Rather than redoing your yard this season, consider adding unique features such as an enchanting fountain, decorative rocks, romantic lighting, a nice firepit, or even a small garden. Below are a few landscaping features you may want to add to your layout this year.


Fountains can not only make your yard look more elegant and beautiful, but they can also provide a soothing sound during your evening relaxation time. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes, including small tabletop fountains for the corner of your patio or larger water features to place in the middle of your lawn. Consider adding rocks or lighting around your fountain for an enchanting effect.


Rocks are simple landscaping features that will instantly give your yard an intricate look. You can purchase large boulders from local garden centers, or you can save money by buying smaller rocks in bulk from a rock store near you. Use decorative rocks to make certain areas in your yard stand out, such as gardens, groves, ponds, fountains, and more.


Lighting is an important feature that can add a magical ambiance to your yard. You can use lights to denote key areas in your yard, such as coves and gardens. For example, you could place a string of fairy lights around your garden to make it feel more romantic or install lightbulbs of various sizes in different areas of your yard for an enchanting effect.


A firepit is another simple landscaping feature that can serve as a centerpiece for social events and quiet nights alike. Install a firepit in your backyard near the center of your lawn to create a fun atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


A garden is another wonderful landscaping feature to add to your yard. With a garden, you can cover a large portion of your yard, giving your yard more character. You can also plant many different flowers and herbs to make your yard feel more vibrant and even magical.

Before you panic about this spring’s landscaping project, consider devoting your time to installing one or two of the aforementioned landscaping features, including fountains, rocks, lighting, firepits, and gardens.

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