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5 Step Guidebook To Your Bathtub To Shower Anaheim CA Conversion Project


If you don’t use your bathtub at home anymore, and you are thinking of having a bathroom renovation project, you can convert your bathtub to shower as stylish as ever. Doing this will provide you with a lot of benefits such as creating more floor space, presenting an obstacle-free entry, providing a place to sit, and a chance to add sliding doors.

For homeowners who want to change their bathtub to showers at home, there are things that you can do but you have to first know the different factors to consider:

  • The new design of the shower must be practical for your family’s lifestyle needs – a bathtub may be more efficient if you have kids (for planning to).
  • Consider the layout of any other bathrooms in your home – most of the home buyers look for at least one bathtub in the house; thus, worth nothing if you plan to sell your home in the future.
  • The shower style and other items must not only match your preferences but must fit your money for the conversion project as well.
  • Secure budgets for associated costs, such as the shower kit itself and the materials and tools needed for installation.
  • Plan how you’re going to clean up and if you’re going to hire experts along the way.

After this, you will need these materials for the bathtub to shower conversion projects like plywood for floor protection, screwdriver, wrench or Allen wrench, putty knife and utility knife, drywall saw, or reciprocating saw, pry bar, and jigsaw.

For shower remodel Anaheim or bathtub to showers Anaheim, contact Duracare Baths. And to know more about the 5 steps on how you can convert your bathtub to shower, check out and read this infographic.


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