A guide to Tab top curtains


Blinds are suggested nowadays, but it does not mean curtains are out of league or dead. Curtains are still considered as the number one style symbol of our homes. Curtains are life symbols for windows. No matter how beautiful your window might be, it will look incomplete without a curtain. Drapers and curtains are in continuous process of innovation.

Curtains are available in many complex varieties, even custom drapery bellaire tx. You can’t divide them into some particular set of types and kinds. They are not only found in different classes according to their pleats and top variations, but you can also divide them according to style, size, and way of installation, designs, fabrics and patterns. For instance, you may select a pinch plate style curtain now you will choose further its material according to the size you may want, and then you will go for patterns and styles. A pinch plate just an inch above the ground with a geometrical pattern will present a casual living room. On the other hand, a pinch plate with add-on drapery and pile on the ground along with the dark colors and classic design will present a formal look of the same room.

Along with so many complex and exciting types, this guide will give you a description of tab top curtains.

What are Tab top curtains?

According to its name “tab” refers to the fabric loop at the top of curtains through which the curtain is inserted in a pole or rod. Tab top is straightforward and gives a contemporary appearance; they are perfect for all types of rooms and in every room. Thanks to their simplicity and modern looks along with variations, they are a favorite choice of everyone. They can be conveniently installed at any window or broader areas like patio doors. Being a lightweight versatility approach, they are easy to be used with a wide range of fabrics.

Tab top curtains are available in variations like lined, sheared and back top curtains. Tab top curtains are quite trendy these days and are also made their place in the top ten stylish curtains of 2020.

Benefits o Tab top curtains:

  • Easy Installation: Curtains are generally easy to install; that’s why we never hire some services to do that. But there are a few things which are easier to say then done. That’s the case in hanging and installing curtains. Curtains are usually heavy, and it takes time and effort to install them properly. Tab top curtains are not from the tough league; they have simple designs with more straightforward installation. For installation, you have to put tabs into rods – a task that might take a few seconds. As they are already spaced apart, you don’t have to worry about uneven appearance.
  • Style your curtain rod: Mostly, when you may hang your curtains the rod is hidden, but tap top exposes it completely, that also takes leverage to design, color or style the specific rod according to your choice. You can make a striking visual statement of your style by selecting a dramatically aesthetic pole.
  • Less Fabric: As compared to pleat curtains, you may need less fabric to make these curtains. Also being available in simple design you can go for custom made tab top curtains or even sew yourself at your home. This also gives you leverage to style and design according to your taste of styling.
  • Economical Choice: Less fabric, easy sewing, and that also means easy cleaning and maintenance. Sum up all, and you will find that tab top is the most economical choice for curtains.
  • Curtains for all: Tab top gives you the upper hand when it comes to matching curtains with any lifestyle. If your style is contemporary, a tap top will exactly fit in with your style with its simple patterns and color choice. If you are looking for a traditional piece, go for a tab top with dense patterns – it will blend with your room entirely.

Not only this, but you can also always go for a mix and match like adding a layer or variation with a heading style. Tab top will give your room a distinctive and aesthetic look without any doubt.