Asaf Izhak Rubin Explains Why Real Estate Lawyers are Critical for Any Real Estate Deal


Real estate lawyers are not an option when it comes to real estate markets. Whether buying a home or investing in a commercial real estate property, you should always search for a real estate lawyer to accompany you on the deals and transactions.

They are not only professionals who study law and specialize in the real estate markets. In fact, they possess a high skill set that is exclusive to the knowledge and information of real estate. While that appears as an ordinary personality trait, it serves to protect many people and their property assets.

A real estate lawyer’s knowledge is impeccable when it comes to handling documents, contracts, formalities, and other sorts of legal issues during deals and transactions. Here’s what you need to understand in order to realize why real estate lawyers are critical for any real estate deal.

Property Fights/Disruptions

Let’s say that you aim to buy a large residential real estate property that has many housing and accommodation spaces. You might review all the documents to inform your decision in case the property might not be legitimate. However, the property being legitimate, you might wish to progress with the deal and carry out the transactions. But, it can be a huge bottleneck to realize that the property has living occupants and/or tenants.

This can be devastating as some of them might not be willing to leave the place anytime soon due to multiple reasons. Not only that, there are several tenant rights involved with the sale/purchase of a tenant-occupied property. Hence, you may end up in legal issues regarding such matters.

Nevertheless, the presence of a real estate lawyer can be helpful to you and your real estate deal. A professional lawyer, according to Asaf Izhak Rubin can help you avoid conflicts and many other property disputes.

Fraudulent Contracts/Agreements

In real estate markets, there is a high potential of encountering fraudulent contracts and illegal agreements at some point of your career in real estate investment. Further, if you are only looking to make a one-time purchase, for example of a home or a residential space, you may have to watch out to protect yourself from a fraud.

In any case, a real estate lawyer should be your contingency but don’t assume that after a problem or issue has arisen they will be of much help. It is better to be proactive and learn the importance of real estate lawyers, as per Asaf Izhak Rubin suggests, before an issue arises. Frauds and unlawful agreements can end up in legal liability issues and more grave situations. Hence, it is better to steer clear of illegal real estate property traps whether looking to buy your dream house or making investments with the help of a great real estate lawyer.

Share of Knowledge

Asaf Izhak Rubin emphasizes that a great real estate lawyer will be a source of education and knowledge for you. Now this education and knowledge may not be formal but rather highly informal. All it means is that the real estate will be of critical importance because they will be able to teach you and guide you according to the market norms.

They will share their experience, expertise, and much more. A real estate lawyer may guide you on different fronts of a real estate transaction. From reviewing to checking and authenticating complex documents, they will share tips and knowledge on how it is done so you can better detect fraud on your own.


There are many ways that a real estate lawyer can help you gain a legal advantage in the real estate market. They choose to serve their clients interest which is the core objective of their job. Hence, you can rely on the services of a great real estate lawyer if they have the right type of qualities.

The qualities of a great lawyer include honesty, manners, real estate etiquettes, negotiation skills, expertise, experience, knowledge of the documentation, and much more. They can review special and highly intricate documents for you. In fact, they can tell you if the deeds and title documents provided to you are original or not. Thus, they are also a form of protection to help you against real estate frauds.