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Backsplash Trends of 2022


One of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner is to keep your house clean and pleasant-looking at all times. However, let us not kid ourselves. We all know that maintaining your home aesthetically pleasing at all times can be pretty difficult, especially if you are working. To solve this dilemma, you can choose design elements that are easy to maintain and stand the test of time when it comes to looks. 

In kitchen design, backsplashes can be your best friend. This seemingly simple element provides a nice look and can easily be your kitchen’s focal point. But more than the beauty it can offer, backsplashes have an important function in your kitchen, the same way a kitchen cabinet Cypress does. They protect the wall behind the sink against water damage from accidental splashing, allowing your kitchen to remain pleasing to the eyes for a long time. 

However, choosing the right backsplash for your kitchen can be pretty overwhelming since there are many designs to choose from. If you want something patterned, you can check out a herringbone backsplash. A herringbone pattern is an arrangement of rectangles and was named herringbone because of its resemblance to a herring’s fish bone. This pattern has become popular since it adds design and movement to a backsplash. In addition, it can also liven up a neutral color. 

On the other hand, you can try full quartz if you want a plain backsplash. While quartz is usually used for kitchen countertops to match a cabinets, it can still be utilized for a backsplash. Many designers also consider using this since quartz is kitchen-friendly. This natural stone is heat, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and anti-bacterial.

More tips about backsplashes and kitchen remodeling Long Beach can be found in this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care

Backsplash Trends of 2022

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