Home Bathroom Bathroom Renovations on North Shore: 7 Ways To Make It Standout!

Bathroom Renovations on North Shore: 7 Ways To Make It Standout!

Bathroom Renovations on North Shore: 7 Ways To Make It Standout!

Your bathroom is the one place in your house you want to be luxurious. You want a sanctuary bathroom — a place to pamper yourself and feel comfortable. If you’re bored of your old bathroom, read ideas for bathroom renovations on North Shore, after which you can use them to renovate your bathroom!

Make it Pop

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring! You can easily add some pizzazz by adding colour and texture. Paint the walls with bold colours like teal, pink or purple. Consider using wallpaper in different patterns or designs as well. Please stay away from using too many white or off-white colours because they can make the room look smaller than it is. Also, don’t forget about accessories such as towels and bath mats! They can help add colour and texture to an otherwise boring space.

Install a Stainless Steel Shower Tray

A stainless steel shower tray will instantly give your bathroom a touch of class and sophistication. It also has the added benefit of being easier to clean than ceramic tiles or wooden floors. If you want something that looks even more expensive, consider installing glass panels instead of tiles on your walls.

Upgrade the Lighting

You don’t need to go overboard here — pick one or two unique lights instead of sticking with boring old fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs. For example, LED strips can be used along the ceiling for general lighting, while recessed spotlights can be installed over the sink or bathtub for accent lighting.

Add Some Style with Wallpaper

If you have a smaller bathroom and want to make it feel larger, choose a pattern that makes the room seem more spacious. For example, vertical stripes will make a small room look taller, while horizontal stripes will make it feel wider. If you have an older home with original wallpaper or tile, re-covering these surfaces can help bring life back into the space.

Choose a Statement Mirror and Radiator

Mirrors create the illusion of space in rooms having small areas, so choose one that will reflect light and make the room look bigger. Mirrors also look great with wood or stone walls, so if you’re going for a rustic look, this is a must-have feature. On the other hand, if you’re opting for a more contemporary look, opt for metal mirrors or leaner designs such as frameless ones.

Include a Bathtub.

While bathtubs have fallen out of favour in recent years, they can add a touch of luxurious comfort to your bathroom. For those who prefer to take baths rather than showers, it’s worth having one tub in your home. A tub with an old-fashioned clawfoot faucet will instantly add historical charm to your bathroom. In addition, the tub should be large enough for two people so that you can enjoy a relaxing soak with your partner or another family member.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Colour schemes play an important role in making a room stand out because they are often used as accents or focal points. You can choose from many different colours for each wall of your bathroom depending on what type of look you want to achieve. For example, if you want your bathroom to be calm and relaxing, try using soft colours like blue or green on one wall and bolder colours like red or orange on another wall. This will help create contrast between two areas of your bathroom while keeping them cohesive simultaneously!

So there you have ideas for bathroom renovations on North Shore; you can enhance your bathroom to make it a highly functional, beautiful space that you’ll want to show off. I hope you were able to take away something new and helpful from this list.

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