Best Home Remodeling Ideas to Increase Value of Your Rental Property


If you are having a property and you are planning to rent it, then you need to go for a certain renovation. The appearance of the property, comfort factor, and functionality of the property matters a lot in the value increase. It is recommended not to renovate your rental property like you are investing to renovate your own home. Some important upgrades to meet the current market standards for renting lead to saving money.

The tenants cannot be relied to take care of the property so it is recommended not to over-invest. To attract the best tenants, it is expected to increase the look of your property. You could make some renovations which are listed below. If you are living in and around Oakland, then you need to look out for home remodeling companies in Oakland

  • Floor replacement 

If you are working on renovating the property, then you need to consider replacing the floor. However, this is the last thing you are supposed to do after making the other renovations but not the least. There is no point if you make a lot of other renovations without taking care of the needs of the floor. When you’re making other renovations, it would end up raising a lot of dust and dirt. So, installation of the floors at the end only will not make you incur any loss.

In the same manner, when you are renovating the kitchen, you need to install the appliances and lay the new floors at the last only.

  • Add amenities 

If you have a rental property, add amenities to it. Some of the important appliances like dishwashers increase the value to a great extent. It is suggested to go for stainless steel finish dishwasher to increase the longevity and provide a modern look. To increase the functionality of the home, proper storage space should be provided.

Installing centralized AC in your rental property is a huge bonus. The tenants could avoid the scorching heat of the sun during the harsh summers. Off-street parking and covered parking spots are one of the best USPs in a rental property.

Patio or a balcony and some space outside the home are an added advantage.

Adding a fence is seen as a look enhancer and also used for home guards. The renters who have pets would appreciate a fenced yard. A dual-purpose washer cum dryer would increase the property value to a great extent. One cannot expect the sun to shine all the time. You’re so having a washer and dryer unit would do the needful.

All of these might sound very simple but these are some of the factors that make a huge difference when it comes to increasing the property of the value of your rental property.