Candle Wax Warmer: How To Use It Correctly


Candle wax warmers are an alternative way to enjoy soft, luxurious scents. When you think of how to enjoy the relaxing aroma of a candle, you probably think of burning the wax. However, there is another way to add a peaceful atmosphere to any room without an open fire. Wax warmers offer many advantages that traditional candles don’t have, but they also have their drawbacks. Let’s talk about how you can incorporate candle wax warmers into your spaces.

How do wax warmers work?

Wax warmers use a ceramic heater or light bulb to heat the wax you place in them. You will need to purchase wax melts separately for the wax warmer – you cannot use a candle. Wax for these heaters usually comes in cubes, melts, or cakes.

Heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose the kind that best suits your home and how much wax you want to melt at once. It is important that you only use wax warmers specifically designed for this purpose; otherwise, it could be dangerous. Other types of heaters produce temperatures that are too high for the wax.

How do you use a wax warmer?

Using a candle heater is pretty simple, but it varies slightly depending on the type you buy. First, prepare your wax melts. If necessary, you can break them into smaller pieces with your fingers or a butter knife.

When you open the wax warmer, read the instructions to tell you how to insert the wax correctly. If your heater comes with a bulb, remove the plastic from the bulb before plugging it in. Some heaters also come with an insert that you will need to put in place before using the wax. If your heater comes with a silicone bowl, do not insert any other inserts into the bowl. Depending on how strong a scent you want, you can put 2-3 small pieces of wax in the heater. Do not add any water or oil to the wax; they will dissolve on their own just fine.

Finally, turn on the heater. Make sure you do this in a safe place that may be slightly warmer than the rest of the room. You should also make sure that the wax heater cord is not in contact with anything hot. Watch the heater melt and watch out for overflowing wax. If your heater didn’t come with a timer, set it on your phone to keep track of how long your heater is melting the wax. After turning off the wax heater, do not move it until the wax has cooled and hardened. If you are tired of the scent you are using, you can pick up this wax from the wax warmer later and add new infusions.


Wax warmers tend to be objectively safer than candles because you don’t have to worry about an open flame. However, there are still things you need to worry about with a wax heater, such as wax leakage and discharge issues. When you use the warmer, you also avoid releasing soot and other materials into the air from the burning candle. However, if you use clean burning candles, you don’t have to worry about this. Depending on the wax you use in the heater, it may still release chemicals into the air as it is heated.