Cleaning a Home or Apartment in Preparation to Move


The average person or family will move several times in their lives. This process can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when you need to clean the space to get ready to sell or have new tenants move in. Most rentals won’t refund a security deposit unless the space is free from damage, dirt, debris, and odors. One of the primary reasons a landlord may have an issue is if there are pet odors. This problem can be a simple fix with the right cleaning solutions. Whether it’s a general deodorizer or a urine odor remover, some products can effectively get rid of problematic or stubborn odors and leave the space smelling fresh and ready for inspection. 

Removing Obstacles

Before attempting to clean, it may be a good idea to remove all the large furniture items and movable fabrics from the space, such as curtains. These items can harbor odors and make the process of odor elimination more challenging. One reason is that they can have a pet or other odors that mask the source of the issue and make getting rid of odors in the space left behind more difficult. 

Once everything is out of the living space, a spot treatment should be applied to problem areas. This strategy can include places where pets have had accidents in the past and behind large furniture items where they may have had accidents that weren’t seen before. Use a toxic-free, natural cleaner and urine odor remover that is safe for fabrics and other materials in the home’s interior spaces. 

Clean all Surfaces

Getting rid of pet odors and other stubborn smells can be more challenging than you might initially anticipate. Some people become nose blind to these smells, which can sabotage their efforts. It’s essential to clean all surfaces in the space because even walls and windows can be a source of the odor and can require intensive cleaning in some cases. Use a powerful yet safe cleaner and odor remover to wipe down baseboards, walls, flooring, and even windows. 

It is good to leave the space and come back to it to double-check once the process is completed before allowing others to enter the area. If there are any lingering odors, try to discover the source and concentrate your efforts there. You should also leave a few hours or an entire day for the space to air out naturally, if possible. Open the doors and windows while someone is present or while cleaning in preparation to leave. 

Although moving can be a challenge, don’t let odors and cleaning issues mean taking a financial hit by preventing you from recovering a security deposit. Use a high-quality, multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer that can give superior results and make cleaning more effective.