Clever (and Effective) Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing

Sure, fresh flowers can help create a fragrant room. But what about the rest of the house? What are some of the most effective ways to help ensure you have a fragrant home? Apart from using home fragrances, the following brilliant tips can also help warrant that you have a house that smells heavenly.

When you walk in the door, your home should smell inviting. If it doesn’t then there is a problem that needs to be addressed and solved. Not only does this make for an unappealing atmosphere but can also cause health problems if not taken care of immediately. Below are some of the most clever ways to make your home smell amazing.

Make Your Home Smell Delicious

Cookies, pies and cinnamon rolls might be the first thing that come to mind when you’re thinking of ways to make your home smell good. But there are a ton more options than just making these sweets! If you want an easy way to fill up your house with all sorts of delicious aromas.

Here is how: Pour 1-2 tablespoons of ground cloves or sassafras leaves onto baking sheets; then put them in individual ovens for about 30 minutes at 200°F (just keep the door open). You can also try simmering apple peels on low heat until they have turned brownish black—this will give off a sweet scent reminiscent of fall time.

Use Natural Scents

Freshen up your home with natural scents by simmering citrus peels and spices in water for hours. Whether you’re making a pot of lemon tea or boiling away cloves, the scent will spread throughout your house so that it smells like someone spilled their perfumes everywhere.

Flip the Switch for Scent

If you find your home smelling less than fresh, try this old realtor’s trick: turn off the lights until they are cool. Place just a couple of drops of vanilla extract on each light bulb and when you flip them back on again, make sure to use an incandescent bulb over one with CFLs as it will be more sensitive to heat which spreads out the scent better.

Create a Lemony Fresh Scent

Smell lemon-fresh air wherever you go with a simple and hassle-free DIY. Cut two lemons in half, place them cut side up on the counter or near a litter box then wait for your olfactory senses to rejoice.

Fix That Stinky Humidifier

If your humidifier starts to smell funky, throw in a few lemons! Not only will they kill off the funk, but these bad boys also pack an uber-fresh lemon scent. Add more every couple of weeks so that you can keep those nasty smells at bay for good.

Make Your Fireplace Smell Great

If you’re looking to make your home smell like a romantic getaway, try lighting some citrus peels in the fireplace! The flammable oils from these fruits will burn for much longer than just paper. Throw them into the flames and leave it burning until they turn black.

De-Stink Your Garbage

To keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean, sprinkle a bit of baking soda or borax in the bottom of your trash can. The crystals will help neutralize those nasty garbage odors that constantly linger around our homes. It’s also important to replace this powder every time you take out the trash as it helps make sure things don’t get too smelly.

Catch Fridge Drips

To keep your refrigerator looking fresh and clean, use a plastic lid to act as a coaster for drips. Once you notice spills on the lids or they start getting dirty from time-to-time, deep cleaning is not necessary. Simply put them in the dishwasher with some soap and enjoy that new fridge smell again soon enough.