Differences Between Office and Industrial Marking Ink


    Writing on board requires a standard or regular ink market. The same thing goes for marking a cardboard box or notepad. For a typical office marker, you can use a simple case, and it will remain effective no matter where you work.

    It will allow you to permanently mark a particular object, which is an effective and indispensable option for office requirements. However, you may need to handle other surfaces apart from paper, cardboard boxes, or board. Generally, the surfaces can make a significant difference when it comes to their efficiency. 

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    Therefore, you should understand more about industrial markers that can handle different surfaces.

    If you are working in soldering, welding, ironwork, fabricating, or steelwork, these surfaces are not as smooth as a board, especially at room temperature. As a result, an office marker may not have the correct formula or strength to ensure overall durability and provide you with sustained marks to handle a particular job.

    Therefore, the only remaining option is to get an industrial opportunity, which will provide you peace of mind. The main idea is to determine the exact surfaces office and industrial markers can handle.

    Depends on Surface

    Similarly, as mentioned above, you should know that surface will make a difference and determine whether you should use an office or industrial marker. 

    Therefore, if you are operating on a wet, oily, rusty, or dirty surface, you need to find a marker that features specific qualities that will achieve durability and long-lasting visibility.

    Since the marking will affect the overall project’s efficiency, you cannot use standard options and instead find the one that will allow you to handle your current work accurately. 

    Therefore, an industrial one is perfect for marking these areas because it comes with specific ink and formula that will stand the test of time.

    Besides, some surfaces can reach extreme measures when it comes to temperatures. Therefore, they can be either too cold or too hot to melt regular options. 

    Still, your work may depend on making a particular line and applying it to stay. Therefore, you should find efficient and practical options that can deal with harsh conditions.

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    Process of Finding Best Marker 

    Since industrial options tend to feature specific qualities, you will find them in numerous options, including the ones that feature paint instead of ink. The main idea is to find the one that will provide you peace of mind.

    For instance, color strength can make a difference on a particular job, while office ones do not require a prominent color in most cases.

    Sometimes, you may need to find the ones you can remove on specific areas and surfaces. On the other hand, some of them may have to remain perfect until you decide to wash them off, which requires a specific paint/ink. 

    Keep in mind that standard office options do not come with removable options unless you find dry ease, which you should remember before making up your mind.

    Different Options You Can Find on the Market

    • Liquid Paint – They are perfect because you will get an ideal versatility without a need for a brush or paint bucket. You can also choose various tips, including felt or metal ball ones depending on your needs. Even though they require a longer time to dry, most of them are pigment-based, which means you will get visible and bright signs.
    • On the other hand, solid Paint will get exceptional paint durability in the form of a crayon. They are perfect for rough surfaces because they will not cause damage.
    • Ink – The most used options are ink ones because they dry fast, but you should not use them for rough materials and metals. You can find a wide array of tips, including bullet, broad and medium chisel.

    One of the most important factors for doing a proper and accurate job is finding a marker that will help you out with the process.

    An office marker will not handle concrete or hot pieces of steel, but you can use an industrial alternative to deal with extreme environments.