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Do you need an Emergency Electrician or a Regular One?

Do you need an Emergency Electrician or a Regular One?


These days almost all modern homes in the country connect to an electrical power source, even those off the grid have ways to generate their own power for certain things. We rely on it to cook our food, heat and cool our homes, wash with and wash our clothes and other items. It lights our homes, charges our devices and when we lose it for any reason it can be a big problem. The temptation is to try and fix it yourself so that you do not have to spend longer than you have to without your devices and entertainment, or in an uncomfortable home, but this is not the safest route to take. An electrician Inner West is trained, licensed and qualified to handle any situation.

Times when you need just a regular electrician

The reason you might want to think about whether you need an emergency electrician Sydney or not is that they are more expensive to call out. If you are looking to avoid paying more than you need to it is then sensible to know what makes it an emergency and what is not so much! While losing power can be disruptive and frustrating it does not make it an emergency. If you have a light that is not working or a socket that stops working you can call a regular electrician to have a look when they are able. You can get on without one light or socket for a few days. Help with installing electrical appliances, or certain repairs where there is no immediate danger would also fall into this category.

Times when you need an emergency electrician

In general, if the problem has the potential of costing you a lot of money in damages, for example, hundreds of dollars in ruined food, or it is a danger to the property or to the people using it, exposed wires, sparking sockets, water mixing with electricity for example. These are emergencies. If you have a trip switch that keeps flipping and you cannot work out what triggers it an electrician can come and work out why it is happening and fix it. They can handle these kinds of situations as safely as is possible and are far more skilled.

If it is winter and it is cold and you have nowhere else to stay then you might want to call your emergency electrician Inner West, or you might do the same on hot summer days if your air conditioning stops working. People living in older properties are more likely to need an electrician they can call on anytime as the wiring is more likely to be tired or not up to code. If there has been a storm and you have flooding or damage to your electrical system as a result that might also require immediate help.


Finding an emergency electrician, Sydney or where you live is easy enough these days with the internet as well as traditional methods like local phone books. Just be sure to get a few names and compare not just costs but also the services they offer and call-out times. It might be a good idea to have a number ready so you have someone to call in case of an emergency rather than waiting till it happens and you feel pressured to get someone over.


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