Essential Solutions for the Wardrobes You Need Now



How to choose the perfect wardrobe for your room? What to consider to choose the ideal wardrobe in the room. 

It becomes important to have a floor plan of the house at hand with the square footage and dimensions of the perimeter of the room to be furnished, to evaluate where it makes sense to insert the wardrobes, without creating a hindrance, but maintaining the right functionality.

How to choose the perfect wardrobe for your room: dimensions

The first thing that catches the eye upon entering a room is its size : an imposing wardrobe or wardrobe, set against the wall of a small room and which leaves little space for a bed, becomes an element that weighs down the environment, makes it gloomy and overly fills the room making it not very livable. Conversely, a too small wardrobe in a large room makes it anonymous and bare.

In addition, we must also consider the need to contain clothes for a person or a couple, also considering that winter clothes are very voluminous than summer ones and take into account the need to keep seasonal changes. Choosing the wardrobes carcasses is important here.

The hinged door generally measures 45 cm (to be taken into account when furnishing an attic as a low and sloping roof may not allow the doors to open completely), while in the presence of sliding doors it can even reach 150 cm .

How to choose the perfect wardrobe door: types

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  • To open the wardrobe, the type of door becomes an element of functionality as well as aesthetic.

Wardrobe with hinged doors: advantages and disadvantages

The traditional wardrobe includes hinged doors, two for each piece of furniture.

Pros: It is possible to open the two cabinet doors at the same time. In addition, the handles can become an element of embellishment of the furniture: a particular finish, as well as practical, makes the wardrobe even more pleasing to the eye.

Modern wardrobes provide for the presence of sliding doors:

Pros: the practicality in the opening or closing phases is evident although the mechanism is more delicate than that of traditional doors with hinges, they have no additional encumbrance when opening, leaving sufficient space for the bed and passage even in small rooms.

Wardrobe with coplanar doors: advantages

An even more modern and advanced system is constituted by coplanar wardrobes , which have sliding doors that remain on the same level when closing, a valuable solution also from the point of view of design.

Pros: those of the wardrobe with sliding doors, but aesthetically more beautiful.

Do you want to admire your clothes all day?

Two minimalist solutions that find space in the furniture choices are:

The open wardrobe eliminates the clutter of the doors and allows you to immediately find the dress that suits you.

The walk-in closet: if the room allows it, you can create a closet environment that has the privacy of a real closed wardrobe. However, it will be important to keep order, as showing guests the disorganization of the room will certainly not be the best business card.