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Few Things to Consider While Selecting a Fly Screen Mesh

Few Things to Consider While Selecting a Fly Screen Mesh

Both insect mesh and also fly mesh are the name of the same product with different nomenclature. Most of the fly meshes are manufactured in a certain PVC coated fiberglass, stainless steel, and aluminium material.

The fiberglass insect mesh will generally have woven strands, ultrasonically welded for securely locking them together. This will ensure that the mesh will keep its original shape, even in case it is accidentally knocked.

Most of the fly/insect meshes available these days are very durable and strong for our regular usage and usually are fully rot proof.

Premier Screens Limited is manufacturing a wide range of insect mesh that they supply throughout the UK. The quality standard of their fly meshes is as per the leading industry standards.

There are a few aspects that you must take into consideration while choosing the right type of insect screen/mesh for your windows and door screens. Here in this post, we will help you to know about different types of fly screens that are available so that you can select the right fly screen mesh.

Types of fly screen meant for different purposes

For choosing the best flyscreen for your windows and doors, you must know what is essential for you. Here is a list of requirements that are matched with the option for the best flyscreen.

  • If you are on a strict budget then the standard fly mesh produced by Premier Screens Limited can help in keeping out the smaller flies that you can find surrounding your home.
  • If you are living close to the beach or places that are allergic to sandflies then prefer Sand-fly mesh
  • If you have pets, but yet you prefer good visibility and ventilation then go for paw proof fly screen mesh
  • If your dogs and cats are constantly damaging your standard flyscreen then go for paw proof insect screen that is dog and cat resistant.
  • If you want an almost invisible insect screen then you will find a better solution by choosing an unvisible flyscreen.
  • Those who are looking for something a little more sturdy and also long-lasting than any standard insect mesh available then prefer to buy Patio and Pool insect mesh.
  • Aluminium insect mesh will be more suitable for bushfire zones up to BAL 29 rating.
  • Prefer stainless mesh for bushfire zones which is up to BAL 40 rating.
  • You may go for the one-way vision type if you are looking for enhanced privacy.

While selecting a fly mesh, prefer to select any standard mesh because this will offer the best balance between keeping out the insects and the flow of air. If you find a problem with midges, then perhaps you may need the midge mesh.

However, remember that this mesh may reduce the airflow, and hence you will need to consider installing a few more fly screens for getting the same amount of airflow through your room.

Usually, it is the mesh colours that will decide how much visibility you can have through the screen. If the mesh is darker then it will be easier to see through.

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