Get Rid of Termites and Keep Them Away with Pest Control in Jackson MS



Termites are insects’ homeowners never want to see on their properties. When termites invade, they often do so quietly, and homeowners do not notice their presence until major damages have occurred. Termites are insect pests that feed on wood. Large colonies can do great amounts of damage over the years, leading to weak areas in the wood structural supports of the home. Knowing the signs of these pests and how to get rid of them with pest control jackson ms is essential for homeowners.

Signs of Termites

Multiple signs can begin to occur when termites have invaded a property. It is important homeowners remain proactive and know what to look for so they will know when to seek professional pest control services. The following are some of the most common signs.

  • Believe it or not, some homeowners may be able to know they have termites because they hear them. When termites are in large numbers, the sounds of them banging their heads against the wood and chewing with their large mandibles can produce a subtle sound that can be heard within the walls and floors.
  • Homeowners may realize they have a termite problem during the spring. During this time of the year, young termites, called swarmer’s, take to flight. They may be found around the home, flying around lights. They may also shed their wings in piles on windowsills and floors.
  • Should homeowners see a lot of white ants inside or around their properties, they may need to look more closely. Often, termites are mistaken for white ants because the two looks very similar.
  • Though not noticeable right away, eventually, homeowners will begin to notice the wood areas in their homes seem hollow or papery. These are the areas that have been consumed by the termites.
  • Another sign of termites is warped windows and doors that are difficult to open and close. Homeowners often associate these issues with moisture or foundation problems, but they can sometimes be caused by termite infestations.

Schedule an Appointment

Termites will continue to do massive amounts of damage until they are destroyed. Waiting too long to seek pest control services will only lead to increased problems. Thankfully, there are professionals who can come in and destroy the existing colonies.

Once the termites have been removed and repairs have been carried out, homeowners need to once again seek the services of these professionals. Preventative services can help to keep termites at bay.

Homeowners who have noticed any of the above signs of termites need to schedule an appointment right away with the pest control professionals. Waiting too long will only lead to increased damages that become more expensive to repair.

Call today to schedule an appointment to get started. With these pest experts, homeowners can say goodbye to termites, protecting their homes against damage. They also offer other pest control services to help homeowners protect their families and homes against dangers. These services should be carried out regularly, to offer the highest level of protection against further infestations.