HDB Metal Gate 101 – 4 Effective Tips To Maintain Your Gate’s Top Condition

    Many homeowners in Singapore are finding cost-effective ways to protect their HDB homes with an HDB metal and mild steel gate. There is no denying the capability and effectiveness of HDB metal gates in securing your home, whether you are in or away from your unit. Locking your door nowadays won’t do much, especially if you are planning to leave your home. Thus, having a metallic/steel reinforcement gate will do better, even if you don’t have a CCTV system and other sophisticated security devices. If you have an HDB gate, you are responsible for keeping it in excellent condition to ensure maximum security throughout the day. Neglecting your gate can lead to problems that can lead to theft and intrusion. Vandalism can sometimes become a problem too. Hence, keeping your HDB gate in top condition is a priority. Here’s what you can do:

    Regularly Clean Your Metal Gate

    Your HDB metal gate can be prone to deterioration over time. Cleaning helps prolong its life since dirt and dust residue can ruin its appeal and sometimes lead to defects. Wiping down and cleaning your metal gate is an easy way to make it look clean and in tip-top shape. If you will use detergents, consider avoiding harsh chemicals or polishes when cleaning. Opt for a milder detergent instead.

    Lubricate It with Oil

    Oil lubricates serve as an effective way to protect your metal gate against rust/corrosion. Oil lubrication enables your gate to move with lesser friction and acts as a barrier against moisture, which prevents creating a reaction that will cause rusting. You don’t necessarily need to purchase expensive items that specialists use. However, be sure to clean your gate before applying an oil lubricant.

    Inspect Your Gate on a Regular Basis

    Just as much as you are cleaning your gate, ensure that you check it for any signs of damage, defect or deterioration. Almost every metal gate in Singapore requires proper inspection for every season. Weathering, dust and dirt can be significant factors. Inspecting also lets you know if there are any missing parts in the hinges or if you need to oil up your gate for lubrication.

    Tension the Gate’s Hinges Regularly

    Another thing you should consider doing on a regular basis is tensioning your gate’s hinges. Tensioning your gate’s hinges will ensure a smoother opening and closing. You can check your hinges by pressing down on each side gently with your fingers. If you notice movement, you may need to consider re-tensioning the hinges. If you are looking for a modern HDB gate design, visit Liminal for residential metal and steel gates.