Home improvement tips turned into the business ideas


This section contains the best ideas for starting a business that do not require large financial outlays in the home improvement industry.

Window filters

Window filters purify the air from the street and let fresh air into the house, while they ventilate the rooms and protect the room from noise, dust, drafts. Such filters are needed in every home. Initially, you should install filters in the bedroom and children’s room, as these are the rooms where you spend the most time and sleep.

You can distribute these products and make a profit of up to 30%. Your potential clients will be families with small children, kindergartens and schools, educational institutions, sports complexes, medical organizations. You can offer goods to them directly or via the Internet.

Music system for the musician

If the room or house is owned by a musician, then they definitely need a ‘music system’. It could be a good laptop (with the programs included), piano or other musical instruments, etc. As for the music promotion – you can do it on SoundCloud, Apple Music and Spotify. Buy Spotify views, upload tracks consistently and stay engaged with the fans.

Production of table shelves

Due to the high cost of real estate, many modern families live in small apartments. Especially for such apartments, transformer furniture was invented. With such furniture, people can live comfortably even in cramped conditions. For example, a shelf-table. Just imagine, with one movement of the hand, the shelf turns into a comfortable table. Behind him you can work, meet guests, deal with children. In its normal state, the furniture consists of several shelves located one above the other. If guests come to you or you want to work, the shelves become a table top. They are designed in such a way that when unfolded they turn into a very comfortable table. You can make good money on this business idea, because you are unlikely to have competitors. All you need to get started is high quality materials and a set of tools.

Mini-saunas on the balconies of apartments

Everyone knows how saunas have a beneficial effect on the human body, but not everyone has time to visit them all the time. Therefore, we can offer people – the manufacture of sauna cabins directly on the balconies.

Sewing interior toys

Interior toys will never go out of fashion. They are bought as gifts for adults and children. The famous big giraffe of the American company “Melissa and Doug” is popular. 140 cm high, it decorates the space of children’s rooms. It is sold out with a bang, especially for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, new years, etc. Big toys are always beautiful, stylish, with a twist. You can make large beautiful toys for the interior. Choose any theme – big and small animals, cartoon characters, TV shows, etc.

Voice tattoos

You won’t surprise anyone with ordinary tattoos now, but voice sound tattoos can be a fresh and profitable business idea for tattoo artists. Just to begin with, you will need to upload the audio to the application website, then a picture will be generated from the recording, then you turn to the tattoo master, who will be selected for you by the same service. Therefore, if you want to do such tattoos, you will need to become a certified specialist on this site, read the details on the specified resource. Such a business can be started literally from scratch if you pass certification. And such tattoos cost from 60-100 dollars, which is a very profitable business. It is better to advertise on the Internet, as well as create your Instagram account and post your work there.