How Do I Know If My Windows Are Bad?


    Premium windows are designed to last for a long period. However, regardless of the quality of your windows, they will lose their appeal, value, and functionality over time. In such a situation, you must consider window replacement to make your home safer, better, and more valuable.

    If you are struggling to know whether your windows are bad or not, here are the signs you should look for in your windows:

    • Your windows are difficult or impossible to operate

    One of the most obvious reasons that can tell you that your windows are bad is that they will be difficult or impossible to operate. This could be because the windows are stuck, warped, deteriorating, or poorly installed.

    Unfortunately, you cannot use such windows as an important escape route if there is an emergency. So, you must invest in window replacement.

    • Your windows close or open on their own

    After opening or closing your windows, they are supposed to stay that way unless someone operates them. However, if your windows are warped, worn, or damaged, they may begin to open and close without anyone touching them. This is also a security threat that can lead to unauthorized access to your home.

    • Your windows are damaged


    Rot, warping, water damage, cracks, holes, scratches, and chips are often found on windows. Sometimes, it could be because they have been used for a long period. Otherwise, they are results of regular exposure to different weather elements. 

    Whenever you are noticing any of these signs of damages to your windows, window replacement is paramount for you.

    • Your windows are leaking

    A leaking window is a bad window. So, if you notice that your windows are leaking, you don’t need anyone to convince you that your windows are bad and should be replaced as soon as possible.

    Basically, windows leak because condensation has built up in their panes. Over time, molds and mildews will start growing inside the panes. Also, water, light, and pests may come into your home via the leaking windows. Therefore, don’t take chances with your home; replace the leaking windows now.

    • Your energy bills are too high

    Normally, windows are meant to insulate your home. Because of this, they can serve as a barrier between the internal and external parts of your home. The windows will prevent exterior weather conditions from affecting the interiors of your home. 

    However, if your windows are bad, they will not be able to function properly as an insulator. Hence, external conditions will make your home uncomfortable. To deal with this, you have to rely a lot on the HVAC unit to keep your home comfortable. In the long run, this will increase your energy bills. So, if your energy bills are unusually too high, your windows may be bad.

    Other factors that can tell you that your windows are bad are draftiness and loud noise from outside of your home. Regardless of the signs you have seen, window replacement is the only way out for you.