How Often Do Accidents Occur in Construction?


    The most common type of accident in construction is a fall. More than one third of construction fatalities result from falls. These accidents can happen when workers fall from heights, slip, or are struck by objects. When a fall is caused by a fall from a height, the injury is much greater than if a worker were to fall from ground level. Other types of falls include falling hammers, industrial moving parts, explosions, and debris. Electrocution is another major cause of injury and death. High-voltage lines, which can be severed, are also deadly.


    There are several factors that contribute to the high frequency of falls in the construction industry. The number one cause of fatalities and serious injuries among construction workers is falls. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls account for more than a third of all construction-related injuries. They are also one of the leading causes of multi-serious injuries and fatalities. In the United States and the United Kingdom, falls accounted for more than 30% of all workplace fatalities in 2013. While the causes of falls vary from country to country, some common factors appear to be linked to the risk of falling.


    A common question that is frequently asked by construction workers is, “How often does electrocution occur in construction?” The answer to this question will vary based on the type of job you do. Electrical workers are exposed to lethal amounts of electricity when they come in contact with overhead power lines or live electrical equipment. Because the human body is a conductor, electricity flows through it, as if it were a power line. Regardless of the type of work you do, you must take steps to avoid electrocution at all costs.

    Struck-by accidents

    Many accidents in construction occur because workers are performing their duties in high places. These areas may include rooftops, scaffolding, and ladders. These workers are subject to falls from great heights and can suffer bruises, cuts, and fractures. These injuries are sometimes fatal or cause life-threatening conditions. Accidents in construction can also occur due to luck, as workers may fall down a massive distance or hit an overhead object, such as a crane or a moving wall.

    Caught-in-between accidents

    Caught-in-between accidents are a common type of workplace accident. This type of accident occurs when a worker gets caught between two moving objects, such as a piece of machinery or a piece of clothing. Caught-in-between accidents can cause debilitating workplace injuries, including traumatic brain injury and permanent limb damage. They can even lead to death. In order to prevent caught-in-between accidents, workers must follow proper safety procedures and practices.

    Untrained workers

    According to statistics, accidents occur frequently in the construction industry because workers are not properly trained. These workers are not familiar with the various safety practices required on the job and may not know how to respond to an emergency. The responsibility to train workers is a shared one between the employer and the contractor. This is especially true if training programs are not conducted or implemented properly. It’s important to note that if workers are not adequately trained, they may be liable for any injury or death.

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