Attach the yellow input hose to one of the faucets on the boiler tube using clamps. If using 2 irons then attach the hose to both faucets.

    1. Attach the yellow input hose to the steam iron on the right plug using a clamp. Attach the black output hose to the steam iron with a rotating faucet using clamps.
    2. Attach the regulator hose to the stove and gas using clamps.


    1. Open all input valves and funnel valves located on the top side of the boiler so that the air in the tube comes out in both directions, making it easier to fill the water.

    Enter the water as needed into the tube through the funnel faucet. The filling of water in the boiler is adjusted to the needs, if there are many piles of clothes, there will be a lot of water and vice versa if the piles of clothes are few then the water filling in the boiler is only a little so that it can quickly produce steam so that the use of LPG gas is more efficient. As information, check here if you find steel beam installation

    1. Until the water in the tube is visible in the measuring cup located on the side of the boiler.
    2. Close all input valves and funnels so that the heating process in the tube does not leak out.
    3. Attach the regulator to the LPG gas then turn on the stove.
    4. Open the faucet above the input that has a hose located at the top of the tube. Turn the faucet on the iron lever slightly to the right to open the output, make sure the drain hose comes out splashing water and steam. If the output tap is not opened, the effect of the steam iron mat is to release water, not to let steam out.
    5. Slide the lever to release steam in every ironing process, the steam iron does not need to be pressed, just slide and pull the steam handle so that it is light even though it is heavier but will be very light when the steam comes out.
    6. Continuously control the anemometer with a maximum pressure of 50 psi. If the pressure exceeds 70 psi then a hissing sound from the safety valve / safety valve. Open the output valve on the iron lever more to reduce the pressure in the boiler tube or turn off the stove temporarily until the pressure returns to normal between 30 psi – 40 psi then turn on the stove again. Check here
    7. To drain the water in the tube, open the bottom faucet and the top faucet so that the air in the tube comes out in both directions, making it easier to fill the water out.