How to remove mould, lichen, and moss from your rooftop?


    In this article, we will discuss how to remove mould, moss, and lichen from our rooftop.

    Also, we will discuss how do these things grow and things you need to do before cleaning your rooftop.

    How do these bacteria grow on the rooftop?

    The bacteria which grow on your rooftop are either mould, lichen, or moss, any of the three.

    This is because your rooftop might not have been cleaned for a long time.

    These bacteria grow the most in those people’s houses who live in Australia.

    This is because there is a high amount of chance that you live in such an environment.

    The Australian weather can become hot, moist, and also even change instantly.

    This means that in Australia, you can have torrential rain in one day and scorching sun on the other.

    Shingles are the things that stop these sports from settling on your rooftops.

    So, if you remove your shingles for cleaning and forget to put them on, then these things might attack.

    This happens because the dust and dirt in the environment settle there.

    Due to the direct heat and sunlight on the rooftop, these bacteria settle and grow there.

    The spores will keep on growing on the roof until you remove them completely.

    The slower you act on this matter, the fast they will take up your rooftop.

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    What are the things you need to do before cleaning?

    Before you start working on cleaning the rooftop, the most important thing will be your safety.

    This is because this mould, moss, or lichen might be harmful to your health, so you need to wear safety.

    This means that you will need to wear a boiler suit, gloves, a breathing mask, and eye gear.

    These are some of the safety gear that will save your body from any diseases.

    Another thing is that before you clean, make sure you have a safe way of climbing and cleaning the roof.

    The best thing to do while you clean your roof is to check the weather ahead.

    Because if it will rain tomorrow, then there is no good of you cleaning the roof.

    What are how you can clean your roof at home?

    Given below is the list of things that you can do to clean your rooftop at home.

    •  Using a vinegar-based cleaning solution

    You can search for this kind of cleaning solution on the internet and make it at home.

    For this, you will need a normal water bottle and make holes inside of it.

    Then you have to make the vinegar formula and fill it in the bottle and spray it on the rooftop.

    •  Using bleach-based formula

    This means that you will make a bleach-based cleaning formula from the internet.

    Then you will need a spray bottle with good pressure inside of it to throw bleach.

    Then after making the solution fill it in the spray bottle and spray all over the rooftop to get it cleaned.