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Ideas for Building Your Luxury Pool

Ideas for Building Your Luxury Pool

When summertime comes around, there is nothing like sitting next to a swimming pool with a cold drink soaking up the sun rays. It is this feeling that drives people to build a pool of their own for some summer fun. How does one obtain the ideal luxury pool? There are several really neat ideas to consider before starting on your project.


Having glass walls provides a fantastic “fish tank” effect and allows natural light to illuminate the water if you prefer an above ground pool. If your home calls for a more rounded shape, then rounded glass for your pool will complement that, likewise for a sharp-edged home. The cost of custom glass for a pool is not an inexpensive endeavor by any stretch of the imagination, but the aesthetics will be beyond imagination. Hiring a custom glass cutting specialist to design, measure, cut, and install your glass will make the process a smooth experience. Relying on a group of professionals like Clear Brilliance glaziers will ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.


Like your garden waterfall provides appealing sights and soothing sounds, it also applies to your luxury pool. The sound of water rushing over the stone and pouring into your pool below will captivate the attention of you and your guests. If you are pressed for room in the yard, this is a great feature to add on because you can build it right into the pool.

Pool Bar

We talked about drinks in the opening of this article, so how about a place to serve those drinks right in the pool? Adding a pool bar at water level height looks sharp, and allows you and your guests to sit in the water and enjoy a nice beverage in the sun. Most will build a hut-like roof over the bar area and use outdoor wood treatment to keep it looking nice. Stock it up with whatever your favorite summer drinks are, and your pool will be a hit.

Fire Pit

Drinks next to the pool are great, but what about drinks next to the pool with a hot fire on a summer night? Now we have hit the trifecta! Adding a firepit off the pool can add another dimension of comfort and audible relaxation with the sound of a crackling fire. You can even set up a wood stove built on stone for cooking meals.

Sitting Poolside

To eat that meal, you need to have a place to sit and eat. Setting up a poolside seating area next to or even in the pool to eat your meals is the final touch to a luxury pool. You can even integrate this idea into the pool bar, so it becomes a place to serve drinks and your fire-cooked meal.


We never mentioned adding a hot tub or pool sports to your pool, but the ideas covered here create an experience for you, your family, and your friends that is all-inclusive and covers some of the most fun summer activities. Do not assume that you have to settle for traditional appeal with your pool. Pools are for far more than swimming these days, and they can provide a wide variety of fun and excitement that pleases you both practically and aesthetically.


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