Moving to a new place should feel like a gentle breeze


    When you decide to move your office or home you will find that there are many things you need to be sure about before making the move. If you take care of them it won’t feel like a tornado hitting you but gentle breeze touching you

    Things to do before you move your office/home furniture

    • Get quotes from relocation companies: You should always talk to multiple companies to get quote if you are looking for office furniture movers Dadenong. This gives you instant comparison of services, experience and charges.
    • Insurance: You need to opt for right amount of insurance while moving to ensure that if something happens during the move, you are covered.
    • Communicate: You need to ensure that you communicate to all parties involved in your business. Your customer should get a surpise one fine day when she visits your old place and doesn’t find you.
    • Check the flexibility: Your business may be involving heavy machines or it might be involving delicate glass wares, you need to check the flexibility and skills available with the moving company to handle specific demands.
    • Utilities in new place: You will be surprised that how we take utilities for granted. We only remember them when they are not working. You need to ensure that all things like electrical connection, network points, internet are functioning and in right numbers when you move in.
    • Say bye to old and hi to new: You are required to inform all service contractor you use in your old premise to be given notice as per agreement with them. You need to interview and finalize the new contractors so that they can be available from day one on the new premises.

    Above points are valid also when you are utilising house moving services Dandenong in Victoria. House moving involves lot of small items to be packed so may need additional packing time then office. Your dedicated planner from mover’s team can help you.

    Making a move to a new destination is a biggest part of your business and personal life. IF you plan this really well with help of professional movers and packers, you will be free from all worries and only appreciating about your new abode.