Options when it comes to Tree Stump Removal


    For most of the time having trees on your property is a positive thing. They look great, they are important for other wildlife and for making air, they offer a place of shade. But there are times when tree removal Sydney becomes necessary. Sometimes there is damage from a storm and they are dangerous or dying, they might be a risk to people walking below them, or to your home. Maybe they have a disease and cannot be saved. Whatever the reason once you remove the tree you then have a few options when it comes to the tree stump.

    Cover it up and let it decay

    If you are looking for a natural option you might choose to cover it with soil and let it decay. Since it is organic it should eventually break down and rot away. But there are a few problems that can happen with this. It takes a long time especially with large trees and can become a place that pests are drawn to. It is also possible that the roots remain trying to draw in nutrients and water and taking it from other plants around it.

    Use a commercial chemical and burning the stump

    If organic decay is not your preferred choice then you could choose tree stump removal via chemicals to speed up the breakdown and then when the stump is ready you can burn it. It is a quicker option but again there are a few things to think about. First of all, using chemicals is something many people prefer not to do as it can be bad for the environment. You also need a permit to do the burning and some places might have no burn rules in force because of the risk of fires. 

    Stump grinding

    Another option and the quickest one too is to have it removed using stump grinding. You just call in a professional local service who has all the equipment required and can do it efficiently and safely. A professional tree service can tell you their different services, procedures and costs. These will likely vary depending on the size and age of the stump and how easy it is to get to. If you had a tree service remove the tree originally some include tree stump removal with that. If they do not, you could ask for them to provide the grinding service after the tree is removed.


    When it comes to tree stump removal you do have a few options to think about, and which one you try depends on your budget, the stump and other factors like time. Do not assume you cannot afford help from a tree service. Find some local options and give them a call and get some quotes and compare. The hard work, stress and time consuming process of trying yourself might not be worth it, and you might feel paying for the problem to be dealt with ends up being a better choice.