Quick’s Tips to Avoid Termites from Spreading in Your Home


If you have noticed the small piles of wood dust getting accumulated under your furniture, then become sure that there is a termite in your home. Once they start spreading, it becomes difficult to get rid of them. To ensure the termite control in your home, keep a regular check at your furniture. You may seek professional help depending on the termite spread situation at your place. And building home is the most expensive investment of your life, and maintaining it is your duty. 

Track Down The Infestation: 

Termites may not be visible directly with your naked eye and will not roam around on the floor. It is tricky to get the source of the infestation. Never ignore the presence of the little sign of termites. 

  • Check the hollowness of wooden beams by tapping it with the screwdriver. Try to put a screwdriver through that beams if it effortlessly goes inside then it may indicate the presence of termites. 
  • Look for a dust pile of wood near your furniture that shows a strong presence of termite in your home. 
  • You may also notice the nest and hole on the property. These are some indications that can help you identify where termites are physically present.

How to get control termites by yourself? 

Before killing the termites after identification of infestation, you must remove the source of termite. You can keep it under sunlight in your garden area. You can also sprinkle borax power, which is commonly present in the laundry. Sprinkling borax powder can kill the termite. One of the most regularly used methods to kill the termite colony is by using orange oil which, is made of orange peel. Wet cardboard can attract termites, and you can keep it on the source. When enough termites settled on the board, you can throw it out and repeat the process several times until you are sure that you gave got termite control in that place, and no more furniture is getting infected. These treatments may help you to control termite to some extent, but if the problem is severe, then it’s high time that you seek professional help. 

Seeking Help from a Professional 

If you are sure that the problem of termites is not in your control, then you should call up the services that provide professional examination service and will do the termite cleaning process. Check on the Internet for the service providers near you, call up their support service to find out the estimated price, and check their company reviews online. You can also seek help from your neighbors to find a genuine and suitable service for your home.