Sanitize your Home to Block Pest Infestation from the Beginning


Pests are a headache for every homeowner. Apart from destroying your home property, they are also a threat to health. Pests carry germs and bacteria, which is harmful to human health. Pests like rats, roaches, ants, lizards, crawl on the floor, utensils and feed on open food. This causes harm to our body when we consume food on the same utensil or eat that food.

People often follow the DIY method to get rid of pests. However, when the infestation gets out of control, then pest control service is the only solution. Pest control services know the hiding places of these insects. They have proper tools and eco-friendly chemicals to treat infested areas. Moreover, they sign a contract with their clients and monitor their homes in a set period to ensure the problem no longer persists.

Pest control Manchester is an independent company, which has been doing business for the last 30 years. They specialize in treating problems like infestations of rats, mice, ants, roaches, lizards, woodworm termites, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, etc. They use eco-friendly chemicals which is good for your family and pets. Their cost-effective method, professionalism, and experience help in completing work in no time. Even if they aren’t able to give a quote over the phone, they will send their representative to your home.

Many people know DIY methods to get rid of pests at their home. There are various products available in the market that helps an individual to do it themselves instead of calling pest control services. Pest control service is an effective method, but when the infestation is in the initial stage, then it can be handled without any help. Moreover, it saves money and time as well.

Above all, if you keep your home protected well before, then there is no chance of any infestation. Here are some useful tips that can help in protecting your home from pest infestation –

  • Trim all those bushes and trees that touch your home doors, walls, and windows. It is the best source for pests to climb inside your home.
  • Remove mulch from garden beds because it is the best place for pests to hide. Instead of using mulch, use rocks around your fountain that doesn’t attract pests.
  • If you can’t control pest growth outside your house, then seal doors and windows with fly screens to block their entry.
  • You should also close all cracks and holes on walls, wooden frames, drainage pipes, etc. gaps in electric wiring, missing roof shingles, cable wiring, utility lines, etc.
  • Household garbage attracts pests like ants, roaches, etc., but yard waste also attracts rats, mice, rodents, ants as it also contains some food. Therefore, ensure all trash cans are closed tightly, clean the surrounding area, and dispose of trash regularly.
  • While throwing away recyclable boxes like fast food boxes and disposables, always wash them properly to remove all food stains that can attract pests.
  • Bulbs with pink, orange, or yellow tint will always attract flies and other insects. It is good to replace your light bulbs with high-pressure sodium and halogen lights.
  • If you have lights outside on the patio, it is better to remove their place from the front door to a pole away from your home. This will keep flies and insects on the pole and not near your house.
  • Sink and drainpipe are always dirty as food residue and dirt are passed through it, and it makes it the best place for cockroaches to hide which come out at night when the lights are turned off. Therefore, try keeping them lean by using a drain pipe cleanser which can be made at home with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Store all food, fresh, cooked, or raw in a tightly sealed container or vacuum bags so that it doesn’t spill and the smell doesn’t attract pests. Once you are done with kitchen work, make sure that you clean the countertop, gas stove, and sink properly before leaving.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the home also help in getting rid of pests. Regular washing of clothes, bed sheets, vacuum sofa, and other furniture avoids dirt and allergens which are the biggest source of the infestation.

These few tips can help you live a peaceful life. Trying these things from the beginning will help in silent nights instead of that continuous wood cracking noise.