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Selecting the right forklift truck for your business

Selecting the right forklift truck for your business

Forklifts are used to move large pallets and bulky materials in a warehouse or a construction site. Choosing the right forklift truck for your business operations is essential, as the forklift type chosen affects productivity, stock management, and business operation costs. There are different types of forklifts to choose from, each suited for specific job types.

Factors to consider when selecting a forklift.

When choosing the right forklift for your business operation, the following factors are worth considering budget, load capacity, work environment, forklift size, tire type, ergonomics, fuel type, used, new, or for hire.

  • Work environment

The business operation environment affects what type of forklift to be used. The environment where the forklift is to be used, indoor or outdoor, hours of use, rough or smooth terrain affects the tire type or fuel type. Tire types include pneumatic tires, used for rough and outdoor operations. Solid rubber tires are best used in smooth surfaces, and polyurethane tires are used for indoor operation by electric forklifts. 

Fuel types include diesel, petrol, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), used for rough and outdoor surfaces as they provide more power. Indoor environments are best with battery-powered forklifts as they produce no emissions and operate quietly.

  • Load capacity

Lift requirements are an essential consideration to meet the maximum lifting capacity required. The load weight, load width, and the type of material to be handled affect the type of forklift to select. Forklift with side-shift features is also a factor to consider as they help move materials sideways without moving the forklift itself. 

  • Forklift size

Forklift size is determined by the space for maneuvering and the lift load. The smaller the space of maneuverability, the smaller the forklift needed. The more the lifting and bigger the lift load, require a big forklift with more horsepower.

  • Ergonomics

Choosing a forklift with safety features is a vital element. An adjustable and high-quality seat for the forklift operator helps to reduce the possibilities of injuries such as lethargy, or back pain, prolonging their productivity during their operation.

  • New, used, or hire.

New forklifts require higher upfront costs, have low breakdowns and service costs. A used forklift has lower upfront costs, however, the possibility of having service or breakdown costs is higher. Hiring a forklift requires a low upfront cost, no depreciation cost incurred, thus saving the cost for other business operations.

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  • Your budget

The budget for acquiring a forklift determines what kind of forklift you can afford to purchase. Whether gas, electric, or battery-powered forklifts, they all vary in their upfront costs and maintenance costs.


Take time to choose the right forklift for your business operation as it is a huge investment for the company and future business goals. Visit Van Adrighem group and find the perfect forklift for your business.

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