The Importance Of Street Furniture


Street furniture is an aggregate term that refers to various items placed on streets for different purposes. It includes benches, traffic barriers, traffic signs, street lamps, traffic lights, waste containers, etc. Street furniture at public places is not only decorative but it serves a practical purpose as well. The impact of online shopping and hard times has led to a diminishing number of shoppers on the UK streets. There is increased pressure on the local authorities to spend wisely and well on street furniture, without compromising the aesthetics of communal areas. It has become more important than ever to carefully select street furniture keeping in mind high functionality and durability.

  • Street Furniture serving practical purposes:

Every piece of furniture you see on the street serves a practical purpose. Decoration and landscaping is the secondary purpose of street furniture. The benches are mostly found in the central parts of the settlements such as shopping centers and parks. These benches serve as a place to rest and admire the view around. Armrests are provided to avoid unnecessary closeness and also to avoid people lying on the benches. The bollards are placed to avoid unnecessary vehicle entrance into specific areas. The litter bins are there so that people won’t litter on the streets. The traffic signs are of very much importance to maintain traffic rules and avoid unnecessary accidents. The planters, signs, and litter bins fulfill many of the priorities that the planners have while making these areas more appealing and visitor-friendly.

  • Street Furniture serving to the landscape:

The street furniture plays a very important role in balancing an urban landscape. While planning to seat in public parks and alongside riverbanks, the developing authorities keep in mind to add to the intrinsic beauty of the place. The street furniture is selected such that it is warm and welcoming to the visitors. It should give the visitors experience in itself.

  • Street Furniture supporting social interaction:

Having enough street furniture promote great opportunities for social interaction. This helps to absorb the beauty of the surroundings. Street benches provide a resting place for the elderly. Parents can keep a watchful eye on their children while they play with their friends. A carefully placed cluster of benches and seating in public places offer opportunities to be more social and enjoy the outdoors. Properly commissioned and placed street furniture can draw people to enjoy the outdoors and indulge in more traditional activities. Street hardware plays an important role in making it a good picnic spot.

  • Preserving the local heritage:

Modern sophisticated Street Furniture is designed keeping in mind the beauty and aesthetics of the place. Street furniture can reflect the local culture of where they are located. There are limitless choicesin a street hardware design that promote the local identity, for example, the red telephone boxes and pillars on the streets of Britain, the signage system of Metz, France, and the residential mailboxes of the United States.

  • Street Furniture having historical significance:

Most of the street furniture is of one or the other significance be it for seating or be it the signage. When these items get old, they are sometimes kept as such even if they are non –functional. This adds to special fascination and nostalgia for that street.

  • Street Furniture for advertising and promoting businesses:

Street Hardwood Garden Bench UK proves the best advertising spot as a lot of people crosses them on a regular basis. Advertising on street furniture has a high potential for exposure and influence.

  • Street Furniture Softening Security Measures:

Modern Street hardware such as bollards and barriers are designed and placed in such a way that they add to the design elements of the street alongside keeping vehicles away from the crowds.

Street furniture has become one of the most important key components in any urban landscape development. This has to add to the beauty and heritage of the local place as well.