Tips for buying Dining Chairs

Chairs are an integral part of every household. From traditional to modern period, chairs are indispensable. From lying down lazily on a Sunday morning to throwing parties, chairs are very crucial. Upon the arrival of guests chairs are the first thing offered to show hospitality towards them.

But, to choose the appropriate kind of chair apt for our homes is not an easy task. There lies a wide array of chairs, ranging from styles, materials, sizes. Regarding materials we can choose wooden chairs, chairs made of Rattan, plastic chairs and metal chairs are also available.

Wooden chairs impart a rustic vibe in your household. While chairs made of Rattan( a palm based material) are commonly used in coastal or bohemian homes. Plastic chairs are useful at homes with kids. It is lightweight and easily washable. Metal chairs are usually used in industrial and office purposes.

Tips for buying chair:-

  • The most important tip is to measure the dining chairs width at the widest point.
  • Before buying we should consider enough arm and leg space.
  • The rule of thumb is 10 inches of leg space and 2 feet of table width space for the guest at your table.
  • An armless dining chair is also looked for. It provides comfort when it is 22 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It should be taken into consideration before buying.
  • 17 inches by 20 inches chairs should be avoided. Have you ever visited a furniture showroom to buy dining chairs and got bewildered at the wide range of products? Your eyeballs are swinging from stylish chairs to chairs with armrest. Here are a few types of chair provided by dining chair manufacturer.
  • Simple plastic leisure chair- As the name suggests it is simple yet durable and can fit in any location. As it is made of plastic it is washable and convenient.
  • Simple creative plastic chair- It is light weight and firm. It has high quality and its colorful appearance adds beauty to your home.
  • White Single Chair- White in color, it imparts a serene look to your living space. This type of chair is hardy yet lightweight and stackable. With it’s simple, fashionable design it can be fitted to any part of your room.
  • Creative Simple solid wood plastic dining chair- It is extremely stylish with ergonomic design. Its arc perfectly fits the back curve. It’s classic color matches with the surrounding and lasts forever. Moreover, accurate craftsmanship gives you comfort at the utmost level.