Wasp Nest Removal Tips

Wasps are insects that can infest your residential and commercial buildings at a real, quick pace. Wasps are of different types, and sometimes it is difficult to identify their species. This is because many wasp species have the same physical appearance. When you notice wasp infestations in your home and yards, it is highly recommended that you call professional wasp nest removal Vancouver specialists.

The key to getting rid of wasps is to identify the location of their nests. Since there are so many types of wasps, their nesting styles and locations vary from each other. So, you need to identify the type of wasps you want to get rid of and the exact locations of their nests.

Why calling a professional is a must when getting rid of wasps

Professional wasp control experts come with a lot of experience handling wasps and getting rid of their nesting locations. They also come prepared with protective gear to stay safe from the stings of wasps when getting rid of them. Wasps are so tiny that they can easily enter into some remote areas in your homes like crevices in the walls, attics, etc.

Dealing with wasps in small areas like these is definitely a massive challenge if you are untrained. It is almost difficult for you to spot all the signs of wasps and eliminate them. Trained hands can locate wasp nests better than you. If you don’t know the location of wasps, you could also get wasp stings on your skin, resulting in acute pain and discomfort for some time.

Though many DIY wasp removal products are available in the market, they are not as effective as the high-quality wasp repellant products that pest control experts use. These pest control experts use wasp-specific products applied in the exact nesting locations of the insects, so that the insects are eliminated safely.

Mistakes to avoid while removing wasp nests

According to wasp nest removal Vancouver experts, it is not safe for you to try removing wasps from your home by yourself. However, you can still try to eliminate these insects in the initial stages, when the infestations are few and far between. While trying DIY tips and tricks to get rid of wasp nests, you should avoid these mistakes, as they can do more harm than good.

Burn the nest of wasps – Never resort to this technique while getting rid of wasp infestations in your homes and gardens. The nests are made of fragile and flammable, paper-like substances. So, when you burn these nests, they can catch fire instantly. The fire can spread easily, causing major fire accidents in your homes. Also, burning the wasp nests doesn’t kill the insects completely. Instead, the insects come out of the nests in full force and try to sting you with full force, when you attempt this technique.

Using water to get rid of wasp nests – Pouring water into the wasp nests doesn’t cause any damage to the insects. Instead, you only end up damaging your property, when you do this. Water can also trigger aggression in wasps, making you prone to painful stings.

Using bats or sticks to get rid of wasp nests – Practicing this trick only makes you prone to wasp stings. When you try to damage the nests with a bat or stick, you are very close to the nest. Attacks on the nests can cause wasps to come out quickly and attack you with multiple stings.