What do you need to clean your tiles?

To get an impeccable result when you clean your tiles , start by getting the right tools. You need:

  • Plastic gloves to protect your hands.
  • From a bucket.

From a mop: choose it in microfibers, with a very fine grain, for a tenfold cleaning efficiency. Remember to rinse your mop in hot water after each cleaning and, once a week, wash it in your washing machine.As an alternative to the mop, you can opt for a microfiber broom.You can also get a chamois to dry the floor after cleaning it. And that’s all. In ikantilecare.com you will have the smartest solutions for the same.

Bring a microfiber mop and a bucket of hot water for quick cleaning

How to clean your tiles daily?

To clean your tiles on a daily basis , there is no need to use products which, in the long run, will attack the joints and tarnish the surface of the tiles. A single deep weekly cleaning will suffice for impeccable tiling. The rest of the time, just:

A bucket of very hot pure water and a microfiber mop

If there are small stains on the tiles, for example around your kitchen sink or dining area, you can add a few drops of dish soap. This will be enough to remove residues, and will make your tiles shine with all their fires.

How to clean very dirty tiles?

After work in the house, but also after a raclette party or a party with your group of friends, your tiles look gray: traces of mud or food, black streaks, how to clean your tiles when they are very dirty?

For very dirty tiles, use citric acid. Natural and biodegradable, it has no equal in dissolving stains. If the latter are really recalcitrant, you can use soda crystals.

Is your kitchen floor greasy or your garage floor smeared with grease? Get black soap, a great ally when it comes to degreasing a tile. Rinse with white vinegar diluted in hot water.

How to clean shiny tiles?

Here are some tips to know to clean shiny tiles without tarnishing them:

  • A shiny tile is a small nature, which does not tolerate commercial detergents. Indeed, these are too fatty, even too aggressive. The good news is that you won’t go broke in cleaning products.
  • On the other hand, you will have to redouble your trick to make your tiles shine. Dilute a spoonful of baking soda in a bucket of hot water for your daily cleanings. Twice a week, add a little white vinegar.
  • To avoid streaks, don’t let your tiles dry on their own. Help him with a chamois. No need to insist, a single pass is enough.

Use a steam cleaner for quick and effortless cleaning

How to clean your tiles with a steam cleaner?

At home, you like it to shine, but with a minimum of effort? Find out how to clean your tiles with a steam cleaner. No cleaning product, neither chemical nor natural, is necessary to obtain a clean floor with a steam cleaner. Steam does all the work, and it’s effective even against the toughest stains.

  • Run your steam cleaner up and down over the tiles.
  • To remove dirt from the joints, use the gun.
  • Wash the terry cloth regularly and replace it as soon as necessary.

The steam cleaner does not wet the floor, it moistens it. Your tiles dry in a jiffy, and the result is impeccable.