What Type of Window Shutters are the Best?


Nowadays, window shutters come in numerous sizes, designs, and styles. While this increases the options available for you, it can make it difficult for you to select a particular type of window shutters for your home. But you don’t have to worry as this article will show you the best types of window shutters that you can use for your home.

  • Full height shutters

One of the topmost window shutter options that you can choose in the market today is the full height shutter. This eye-catching and functional window type helps you to cover the whole window from its top to the bottom. Consequently, it increases the privacy of your home and also allows you to determine the amount of light that should come into your living space. In addition, a full-height shutter can be instrumental in lowering the amount of outside noise coming into your home.

  • Shaped shutters

Are you looking for window shutters that can be designed and customized to suit the specific shape of your windows? Shaped shutters should be your choice. Professional window shutter experts can create these shutters to form the specific shapes you want. Some of its relatively common shapes include circle, oval, and triangle. Whatever shape you want, window shutter professionals can customize something for you.

  • Tier on tier shutters

This is another type of window shutter that provides numerous benefits. A typical tier or tier shutter comes with two different panels. The first panel sits on the second one; thereby, allowing you to operate each panel separately. It is worthwhile to note that this window shutter type is quite versatile.

Besides, tier-on-tier shutters are often recommended for Victorian windows. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use them for modern houses.

  • Solid shutters

Solid shutters are some of the best window shutter types you should consider for your modern homes. They are usually covered with high-quality, solid woods. Due to the materials used for making them, solid shutters have amazing insulating abilities. Also, they are good for creating a dark and cozy ambiance. Therefore, you can consider solid shutters when you need shutters for your bedrooms.

  • Café style shutters

When it comes to providing maximum light into a room, there is hardly any shutter type that can compete with café style shutters. They can also be installed in rooms with increased needs for privacy. Although you can combine these shutters with different window styles, they are highly recommended for bay windows.

  • Conservatory shutters

A conservatory shutter is a window shutter that can be easily adjusted to suit the specific needs of a room. It is often used for rooms in hot places where you need to reduce the light coming into space. Apart from its insulation properties, conservatory shutters are also great for providing privacy in your room.

Apart from the window shutter types explained above, other shutters that are best for your home include bay window shutters and waterproof shutters. So, you can select any of these shutters for adding more beauty and functionality to your windows.