What You Need To Do Today If Your Safety Switch Is Tripping


    The safety switch was designed to protect individuals from any current that might leak from the circuits, when the safety switch trips, it is essentially disconnecting the power to that specific circuit to ensure the rest of the board is able to operate in a safe manner. 

    How to know if your own safety switch has tripped? 

    The residual current device will generally be located within the switchboard or fuse box. When the switch is in the “OFF” position, it will typically mean that it has been tripped. Many of the newer systems will only click halfway when they are tripped, with that in mind, it is good to know what exactly is going on with the safety switch. If the safety switch has not to be switched off, but the power is off, you can assume that the safety switch is not the issue. If you see that the safety switch is in the “OFF” position, you are going to have to investigate why it has tripped. Visit Powerlec if you need a solution for your electrical problems and needs.

    General Reasons Why A Safety Switch Will Trip 

    There are a number of reasons why a safety switch will trip and these can include: 

    – Temporary electrical faults which are easily fixed. 

    – Rain damage which will usually be due to heavy falls, an electrician will need to be called for this one. 

    – Thunder and electrical storms have the ability to trigger an RCD sensor, which will usually resolve itself. 

    – Wiring can become worn out over time. 

    – If too many appliances are running at once, you may experience nuisance tripping. 

    – Faulty switches are generally rare but can still occur. 

    What To Do If You Are Experiencing A Tripping Safety Switch? 

    In order to deal with a tripping safety switch, there are a number of actions you can take. One of the first actions is to simply turn the switch to the “ON” position and see if power comes back, quite possibly the easiest action. However, in some cases, the switch may trip again, which means you will have to find another option. This can include having to unplug every single appliance in the home and turning the safety switch back to the “ON” position. If your safety switch remains in the “ON” position, you will have to plug all the appliances back in one at a time and see if any of them are the cause of the safety switch tripping. Many times, it will be the fridge, freezers, iron, or even a toaster that is causing the problem. It may be possible for a range hood or washing machine to be causing problems, so do not rule anything out. Once you have found the appliance that is causing the problem, you will want to take it to a repair shop and have a technician fix the problem. 

    If you are unable to find the probable cause of the problem, you should contact a qualified and licensed electrician to come over and inspect the problem. In these types of scenarios, it is always better to be safe. 

    In Need Of An Electrician? 

    While it seems as though a tripping safety switch is a major nuisance, it is actually doing what it was designed to do. Safety switches are meant to protect individuals from harm, so when it actually trips, it has disconnected the power to that specific circuit to ensure the safety of all individuals. We understand that it is rather annoying to be sitting in the dark trying to find out why your safety switch tripped, but it is much better than many of the other alternatives!