Working from Home? Upgrade to a Modern Backyard Office Shed


    The pandemic has changed life in many ways that have been hard to handle. One change that many people have taken advantage of is the opportunity to work from home. However, this has brought up new challenges—keeping your job separated from home can be difficult, and it can be even harder to find a dedicated space inside an already crowded house to get work done. What’s the perfect solution? A backyard home office shed that you can dedicate to being a personal sanctuary, so it’s possible to work at home without distractions.

    Advantages of a Home Office Right in Your Backyard

    As the pandemic forces more and more people to work from home, the trend of putting a portable office studio in their backyard has become more popular. In fact, Upwork’s Future of Workforce Pulse Report survey showed that 1 in 4 Americans work remotely in 2021, and by 2025, roughly 36.2 million people will be working from home. That’s an 87% increase from the numbers pre-Coronavirus! As more people start choosing to work remotely, the demand for a private and designated home office area has skyrocketed.

    That’s where the call for style and function comes together to create a space that’s purely your own, for when you need to work distraction-free. However, a backyard home office has several benefits beyond being a space to get away from it all. It’s really not even fair to call it a shed because it’s so much more than that. It might be a pre-fabricated structure, but the addition of electrical, insulation, furniture, and other modifications transforms it from a bare shed into a beautiful private home office space. Here are some other benefits of choosing a backyard shed for a home office.

    Separation Between Home Life and Work

    One of the best benefits is the separation it offers between work life and family life. Not only does it provide a private space when it’s needed most, but it literally eliminates a daily commute and allows an eye to be kept on things at home while still getting work done.

    Private Home Office Space Right at Home

    Another challenge of working from home is that it can be extremely hectic. When your office is right down the hall from the kid’s room or kitchen, it’s hard to get work done with constant interruptions and distractions that come with family life. With an office shed in the backyard, there’s a private area sanctioned as your own personal space, allowing some peace and quiet on those chaotic days.

    Boosts Productivity

    Trying to work at home and deal with constant distractions means it can be hard to keep up the same level of work as you did at the office. However, with a private office shed in the backyard, it’s possible to maintain that same productivity level while still working remotely.

    Increases Property Value

    If you ever plan on selling your house, the addition of a prefab backyard shed is a huge boost to overall value. Completing renovations and additions is a surefire way to increase its worth. A backyard studio also increases the square footage of available living spaces, meaning you can ask for more money when it’s time to sell.

    Try a Backyard Office Shed for Your New Work Space

    It’s taken some time to get used to working remotely. The pandemic has changed everything in daily life, and working from home added some new challenges to the lives of Americans. It can be challenging to separate work from home sometimes, but a detached workplace shed in the backyard is a great way to keep up the same productivity levels and cut down on distractions. You can enjoy no commute and your own private space to work or unwind and boost property value at the same time. What could be better?