10 Landscaping Tips to Make Your Yard Look Professional


As the saying goes, the grass is greener on the other side. But as I like to say, the grass is greener where you water it! This is easier said than done, however, especially in Arizona. Having green grass in the desert takes some skill and know-how. Luckily, the pros have narrowed down a simple list to get you the greenest grass on your block.

Pro Tip #1: Plant Bermuda Grass

A highly resilient grass, built to withstand heat and drought, Bermuda is the perfect choice for desert yards. Additionally, since it grows so quickly and densely, it doesn’t leave much room for weeds. Knowing when to plant bermuda grass in AZ is also important. The best time to plant this sun loving grass is late spring or early summer.

Pro Tip #2: Water, Water, Water!

Watering your yard is important, but what time you water is also a huge factor for a luscious lawn. Due to the hot sun, the best time to water grass in Arizona is early morning before the heat of the day. Watering your lawn at this time is the most effective and efficient.

Pro Tip #3: Change it up in the Winter Months

While watering more frequently might be needed in the summer, in the winter grass requires less water. So if you’re used to watering your lawn daily, you might want to reduce that greatly in the cooler months. The recommended winter watering schedule for Phoenix is about 2-3 times a week for about 10-20 minutes. You should make this change to your watering schedule when you notice a dip in temperatures, typically around November.

Pro Tip #4: Keep it Green

So, if you’ve put in all this work into getting your grass planted, watered and growing beautifully, the next step is to keep it green. Not sure how to keep grass green in Arizona? Healthy yard habits, besides regular watering, include fertilizing and regular cutting. Having sharp blades is also recommended since this creates a cleaner cut and reduces the chance of pulling out new growth. For better drought resistance and weed prevention, cut grass down to 2” or slightly above.

Pro Tip #5: Use the Right Products

As with anything, the right products and tools make all the difference — just ask any professional! If you find that weeds are infiltrating your yard, the pros use a pre-emergent to prevent them from coming back. There’s no need to spend lots of money on commercial products either, homemade pre-emergent is just as effective. If you aren’t sure on how to do that, just watch a DIY pre-emergent video for helpful tips and information.

Pro-Tip #6: Add Color to Your Yard

If you want to create yard envy, add colorful plants to your yard. Roses for example, are easy to care for and just need pruning once a year. Knowing when to prune roses in Arizona is important and will greatly contribute to the health and beauty of your plant. It’s recommended to prune your rose bush in January and to cut back about 50% of the bush.

Pro Tip #7: Mix it up

While roses are beautiful, adding less common plants to your yard will really mix it up. The Firestick plant Arizona, for example, is a beautiful desert plant that turns a fiery red and yellow in the cooler months. It’s also a low maintenance plant that doesn’t require much watering, making it another perfect choice for your yard.

Pro Tip #8: Get Vines

Plants and bushes add beauty and color to your yard, but vines add a whole other element to the look of your house. Creeping vines aren’t native to the desert but add greenery and charm to any house or wall. The creeping fig Arizona vine for example, is a great choice. These beautiful vines grow up and out (versus in layers) and can cover 2-3 stories high.

Pro Tip #9: Don’t Forget About the Trees

So far, most of the attention has been on maintaining grass and bushes however, the desert also has beautiful trees that should be added to your yard. The Palo Verde, for example, is a unique tree to the Southwest with yellow blooms and green bark. Knowing how to care for and how to trim palo verde trees is key for their health and longevity. Their branches can easily become weighed down with blooms so they’ll need annual pruning and regular maintenance.

Pro Tip #10: Gravel Yards Need Love too

If you think you got out of yard maintenance by having a gravel yard, think again. Many landscapers and professionals will actually tell you, gravel maintenance is a huge part of the work they do. Gravel yards are still susceptible to weeds and debris and need regular blowing and raking. That being said, gravel lawn care in Phoenix is relatively easy, especially when you leave it to the experts.

If you’re debating on if you want to maintain your yard yourself or hire an expert, we recommend doing some research on the average cost of landscaping maintenance in Phoenix. If you do decide to do the work yourself, you might want to plan your maintenance around bulk trash pickup in Phoenix to make sure your clippings and trash get hauled off ASAP.