4 Red Flags of a Service Apartment in Singapore

Serviced apartments are increasingly popular as a great alternative to hotels. With a larger living space similar to an actual apartment and amenities such as a fully-functioning kitchen and laundry room, many people choose to stay in a service apartment in Singapore for business trips, family vacations, and more. However, not all service apartments are built and managed the same. When looking for one to stay in, it’s crucial to watch out for any red flags that may negatively affect your stay. Here are four common red flags in service apartments.

1. Few or Bad Reviews

Many people are willing to voice their opinions on their accommodation, whether a hotel or a service apartment. That’s why the first thing to do when looking for an affordable serviced apartment in Singapore is to look at the reviews. If they have few good reviews, or their only good reviews are several years old, that may say a lot about its quality. It’s an even worse look if there are multiple bad reviews.

2. Lax Safety Measures

One of the advantages of service apartments is their security, but some apartments may not be taking this as seriously as they should. If you’re considering a service apartment in Singapore, try visiting the building and paying attention to its security. How many guards are stationed, and are they properly doing their jobs?

3. Service is Poor

When coordinating your short term stay at the serviced apartment in Singapore, try to pay attention to how the staff does their job. Are they polite and pleasant to talk to, or are they disinterested and rude? Do they offer solutions when something goes wrong, or do they provide no alternatives for you? Seeing how they treat clients early on says a lot about how they’ll treat you during your stay.

4. The Apartment is in Disrepair

Another great reason you should consider visiting the serviced apartment is that you’ll be able to observe the building before you get to stay in it. The short term apartment rental services in Singapore may not let you check out the available apartments. Still, you can look at other aspects while you inspect, such as the outdoor areas, the lobby, and amenity areas, if they have any. If the place seems old, dirty, or unmaintained, that’s a great sign to look for another apartment instead.Are you looking for a high-quality service apartment in Singapore? Coliwoo has many beautiful properties, all located near amazing hot spots. For more information about their short-term rental options, visit Coliwoo’s website.