5 Best Home Technologies to Use


Modern technology is not only important in keeping us up to date but also it eases a lot of things for us. Modern problems require modern solutions and modern solutions mean modern ways to handle things.

Technology is a crucial part of our lives now, and it is not only attached to us to ease our problems but also it is attached to us emotionally.

In this article we explore five of the best home tech that we can use in our daily lives to make our lives easier and more interesting.

Nest Hello Doorbell

No more worries about who is at your door if you have a Nest Hello Doorbell attached to the sides of your door. It does not matter if you are miles away from your house. Once someone is at your door and presses it, the gadget will indicate to your phone about it. There is a microphone attached to this device, which means the person visiting your place can also talk to you through it.

The best part is the sound quality is so great that it does not matter how much noise there is in the background. The street noise just does not matter and it is very clear; no distortion in the talk will bother you. Guests will love it. You will love it. Most of all, it is not even expensive and you can easily get it for almost fifty bucks (USD).

Curved TV Screen

At a time like this when movies and dramas come with such advanced quality; the curved TV screens pave their ways too in the market to add a cherry on top.

These stylish TV screens do not only make the serials look great but also the style it radiates is exceptional. Companies like Samsung have already started to release such models and one of the models with such a look is Samsung KS8500 4K TV. This model has a high-quality picture and shows a great viewing experience from any angle in the room.

The curved shape may look too funky to some people but it really reduces the effects of glare from lights and windows.

Amazon Echo

Ever heard of a kind of gadget that has all-in-one features? A kind of gadget that can do multiple things-for sure you have a smart-phone to do that but a very cheap and interesting gadget is Amazon Echo.

It is a nice gadget that helps you control your voice, make calls, play music, send and receive texts, tells you about the weather and to light up your mood, it also tells you a Dad joke.

Gadgets like this are light and interesting. They are not very expensive and echo music to refresh your mood. We cannot forget the kind of pleasure we used to get with Dad jokes in childhood- great time it was no? We miss that. Well not anymore, get this gadget and relive the most memorable days of your life.

Self-Watering Planter

Traveling becomes easy when you have a planter such as this one. Gone are the days when planting ladies or dudes would not travel because their love for plants would stop them.

We have a self-watering planter today. All you have to do is fill up the Smartpot and it will dispense water and nutrients for an entire month. It does not require any maintenance.

Even if it is not about traveling, the self-watering planter also helps keep a plant alive. If you have a busy schedule and cannot take care of the greenery in your house, instead of removing this greenery, get a self-watering planter and let it do its job.

Solar Panel

Even though solar technology is not the latest one and has been here since quite long now, people do not tend to use it in many regions. Thus it paves its way in this list.

Expensiveness is not the problem anymore when it comes to getting solar panels as solar companies in the Bay Area have been offering it at low prices for a long time now. Technologies such as this one helps you get electricity at cheap rates. Elevated electricity prices will not affect you anymore since you will not be dependent on any third-party company to generate it for you.


If you are a person who believes in making their lives interesting with technology then definitely you must have found at least one of these gadgets fitting best to you. We live in a modern age when technology has become a great part of our lifestyle. Adding such technologies in our home usage will not only solve our modern problems but also make our lives more interesting and of glamour.

Summing it up, we have talked about some crazy and fun gadgets in this article that both solve our daily problems and at the same time make us more advanced.