5 Reasons Singapore Residents Install Home Lifts


Not too many years ago, only Singapore’s wealthy citizens had the luxury of owning homes with lifts. Today that trend is rapidly changing. As manufacturers and installers make it easier to own lifts, more citizens are adding the devices to their homes. A lift can give the elderly more freedom and make it easier for all residents to move up and down floors. A home lift increases property values and is often an eye-catching architectural feature.

  1. Lifts Assist the Elderly

Studies show that 28% of Singapore’s population will be over 65 by 2030. With that in mind, homeowners are increasingly building homes with lifts or having them installed in existing structures. Not every resident wants to downsize and move to a retirement home when they get older, even if their lifelong homes have several floors. Instead of dealing with steep stairs, many resolve the problem when they arrange home lift installation in Singapore. The projects are often part of overall renovations that ensure residents can stay in their homes for life and age in place.

  1. Residents Enjoy Increased Mobility

Lifts also benefit residents who have mobility issues due to illness or other physical challenges. Residents who use mobility devices are often confined to a single floor of their homes. Adding a lift allows them to move freely throughout their homes without fear of falling on stairs. Lifts are also ideal for families with young children who are not yet steady enough to climb stairs. Lifts give them safe access to every room.

  1. Lift Installation Improves Home Values

A home lift is an investment that pays off in improved property values. Residences with lifts are in demand, making them easier to sell. Owners can increase their asking prices because house hunters are often willing to pay a premium for the luxury and convenience of a lift. There is an especially brisk market for houses with lifts among late-middle-aged and elderly buyers.

  1. Lifts Can Add a Touch of Elegance

Contractors who sell and install residential lifts offer a wide variety of choices. They range from basic, functional models to luxurious styles that add sophistication to any decorating theme. Some clients install lifts in tiny apartments to save the space required for stairs. Instead of utilitarian stairways, their spaces include elegant lifts that include stunning cabins. Homeowners can also order bespoke models designed around their tastes and requirements.

  1. Owning a Lift Is Surprisingly Cost-Efficient

Although home lifts are typically considered luxury items, suppliers provide various styles and pricing options to suit different budgets. Most companies offer at least three pricing tiers and a range of choices that impact final costs. Homeowners are often surprised to find that lifts can feature eco-friendly designs and energy-efficient features. Clients can save money upfront and enjoy a luxury feature that is affordable to operate.

There is a rising demand for residential lifts among Singapore homeowners. Area residents have lifts installed to accommodate senior citizens or those who are mobility challenged. Lifts increase home sophistication and values, and it can be surprisingly affordable to buy and operate home lifts.