5 Signals Your AC Needs an Expert Houston Repair Service 


Located in Texas State, Houston is a large metropolitan city with an estimated population of 2,304 580. The temperature during summer can cross 90° F during the summer season. An AC plays an essential role in keeping your indoor temperatures comfortable. However, the AC can also develop snags like any other electrical device. 

The AC does not fail all of a sudden; it gives out warning signs that indicate something is wrong with your AC. You must recognize these signals and call 24 hour AC repair Houston. Here are five signals that indicate your AC needs an expert ac repair makawao hi.

  • Little or No Air Flow 

As per recent data, Houston has around 858,374 households. If you notice no airflow from the vents or the airflow is weak, it is an obvious sign your AC needs repair. If the airflow is weak, the air will not circulate in the room properly, and the result is the home will not cool properly. 

During summer, the temperature is a record high in Houston, and if the AC is not cooling correctly, everyone at home will feel uncomfortable. If you want to avoid this, you need to call pros for 24 hour AC repair in Houston; there is little or no airflow from your AC. 

  • AC is Blowing Warm Air 

The total land area of Houston is around 599.59 square miles, and the population density per square mile is 3501.5. The HVAC system is installed to keep your home environment cool and comfortable in summer. 

If the AC is blowing warm air, it is not serving any purpose and also causing significant electricity expenses. If the air vents are throwing out warm air, it could be some problem with the air compressor. In that case, you need to call the AC repair service to resolve the issue. 

  • Unpleasant Odors Coming From AC

As per recent data, around 42.3% of housing units in Houston are owner-occupied. The HVAC system is intended to keep your home environment cool and healthy. If you are getting unpleasant odors from AC, it is a reason to worry. One of the main reasons behind the unpleasant odors from AC is mold contamination. 

If you ignore this sign, the AC unit will blow spores everywhere in the house that will make you sick. To safeguard everyone’s health, you need to call an AC repair service in Houston to get rid of mold contamination. 

  • Unusual Sounds Coming From AC

The AC unit is expected to work silently. Here are some sounds that indicate some problems with your AC.

  • Clicking sound from the outdoor unit
  • Gurgling or Bubbling noise 
  • Squealing sound from the indoor unit 
  • High-pitched hissing 

If you notice any unusual sounds coming from AC, you need to call the AC repair service. 

  • Moisture Leaks Around HVAC System 

It is common for you to notice moisture around the HVAC system. In general, moisture is the result of condensation. However, if you notice odd color or buildup around your HVAC system, you need to call the AC repair service to investigate the issue. 

Refrigerant leaks are severe types of leaks that can cause health hazards. Hence, it would help if you don’t ignore moisture leaks around the HVAC system and call professionals immediately to fix the issue. 

To sum up, these are five signs your ac needs an expert Houston repair service.