5 Things That Can Go Wrong When Building Your Own Home


Unless you’re a professional builder, or at least one with plenty of experience, there are a whole host of things that can go badly wrong when you attempt to build your own home – even when you enlist professional help; below are five of the most common and significant:

  1. There is no proper, formal contract in place


A lawyer should review the contracts you have in place with any of the contractor’s you plan to work with, and costs and deliverable dates must be meticulously reviewed; a handshake and verbal agreement simply won’t do. If you’re going it alone, then you only have yourself to blame if the project runs over budget or something goes badly wrong!

  1. You didn’t get the property inspected


While a general contractor offer warranties, these are no substitute for a professional home inspection and the last thing you want, is to find big problems with your home months after you (or your tenants) have moved in. Before moving in, hire a third-party home inspector who’s licensed to carry out a comprehensive check of your new home.

  1. There have been big delays in construction


A shortage of workers, inclement weather and delays in the processing of permits are just some of the many reasons why a construction project can run behind schedule, and so it’s important to make room for these delays in your planning. Be flexible about your move-in date and allow ample time for delays.

  1. The HVAC system hasn’t been properly checked


While all homes with have a HVAC system – and they’re an integral part of most – not getting them properly and professionally checked over can lead to mold growth and increased energy bills further down the line.

  1. Your home is bigger than it needs to be


It’s often the case that those building their own home get over excited and want to add room after room, failing to realize that each room adds to the cost, from furniture and painting, to heating and cooling. Think carefully about how big your home needs to be, and how many rooms are actually required, before you finalize your construction plan.

While building your own home is a fantastic idea, it’s imperative that you do it by following all the relevant rules, thinking carefully about your long-term needs, working only with professionals who have plenty of experience in the construction industry, and getting everything checked thoroughly before you move in.

To find a reputable construction company in your locality, check with friends and neighbors for recommendations, or consult a local directory of industry professionals.