5 Tips for Adding A Balcony to Your Home

It’s hard to imagine how a balcony can be anything but a positive addition to any home, as not only does it improve its overall look, but it gives added outside space and in many cases, spectacular views.

However, adding a balcony should always be carefully considered before construction work begins, and you’d be advised to consult with a professional, reputable construction firm before making any final plans. Choose the right company, and they will draw up the plans with you, then construct the balcony safely and skillfully, to ensure that it becomes an enhancement to your home, and not an embarrassment!

The following 5 tips should help you design and build the perfect balcony for your home:

1.     Take high winds into account


Many US citizens live in areas prone to high winds, andthe problem is often exacerbated if you live in a high-rise building. Your chosen construction company will assess the wind levels where you live and may advise that they build you a recessed balcony, or one that is fully enclosed with glass, to help protect you from the wind.


2.     Consult with a structural engineer


While you may wish to consult with a structural engineer and then engage with a masonry contractor, it’s best to find a company that can provide both services, for your convenience. It’s important that a structural engineer helps you determine which type of balcony would best suit your home, and evaluates whether your home can safely support it.


3.     Think about your balcony’s purpose


Knowing what you intend to use your balcony for, will help you have one built that matches the purpose for which it’s intended.


4.     Add some greenery to your balcony


Once your balcony has been professionally designed and constructed, you can set to work personalizing it and making it a real feature of your home. One way of helping to brighten it up and have it look appealing, is by adding a few strategically placed plants and foliage. Certain plants, when placed strategically on your balcony, can help add privacy or shelter you from the elements.


5.     Light it up!


If you’re planning to use your balcony at night time, some fairy lights draped around can make it look magical and inviting, while some soft, larger lights will enable you or your guests to see better while not spoiling the view or setting. Even if you don’t plan to use it in the evenings, the lights will make it look pretty.

Never work with a construction company who offer prices that seem too good to be true; it usually means that they are exactly that! Search for a competitively priced general contractor who can offer you skilled and trained professionals that will work closely with you to ensure your balcony is everything you dreamed of.