5 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers


First time home sellers are faced with a myriad of challenges, from having mixed emotions to realizing that selling their home is not as easy as their perceptions. Before selling your home, here are a few considerations to give you a competitive edge.

Prepare Your House for Showing

Most buyers prefer houses that they can buy and move into immediately. Small faults like a cracked window or a broken kitchen drawer can easily put off a potential buyer. Below are some ideas to get your house show-ready:

  • Have a qualified painter paint the walls
  • Ensure the floors are dent free
  • Rectify leakages and ensure the plumbing is in excellent condition
  • Repair faults in the fixtures like taps, doorknobs, and showerheads
  • Remove clutter and make all rooms presentable
  • Thorough clean the home
  • Enhance your curb appeal by trimming hedges and cleaning the compound

Set a Competitive Selling Price

Before settling for a selling price, conduct research of similar properties listed around your locality. Online real estate websites can help you understand the prevailing pricing dynamics and help you set an informed price. 

Pricing is a delicate step in this process and could quickly become your stumbling block. Setting a low price might send the wrong message to a buyer who relates price to value. High pricing, on the other hand, will intimidate potential buyers. You can engage a property appraiser to help you have a clear understanding of your home’s value and set an accurate price.

Make Moving Plans

As you look for a buyer, ensure that you have made preparations to facilitate your move when you close the deal. Ensure you have identified a new home to help you budget for your relocation. To have a stress free relocation, find a reputable moving company.

If it will take some time before your new house is available, consider a moving company that can store your goods in good condition until you are ready. BRS Moving & Storage cater to your relocation and will provide storage solutions where needed.


Find a Professional Photographer

These days most buyers pick the homes they would like to see on various online platforms. The quality of your pictures can either attract potential buyers or push them away. Well lit rooms and clear photos for all parts of your home inspire confidence. Dimly lit rooms and misty photos might make a potential buyer feel that you are concealing something.

Experienced real estate photographers know where to lay emphasis and where to tone down. They will strive to create balanced quality photos to give your home a favorable first impression among potential buyers. A video tour will be an excellent addition to your property gallery.

Enlist the Services of a Reputable Real Estate Agent

An established real estate agent will guide you on correct pricing and educate you about any requirements you may need to know before selling your home. Their wealth of experience, coupled with their contacts and connections, will ensure that you land a buyer quickly.

Your agent will negotiate with buyers while looking out for your interests. Though having a reliable agent will set you back some money, it will save you a lot of time and take the headache out of the home selling process.

Selling your home for the first time is a challenging experience and requires adequate preparation. These tips will help your home stand out and make your home selling debut a success.