9 Tips On Choosing Kid-Friendly Furniture


Getting the right kind of home furniture for your growing family is important. When you head on to your favourite furniture shop Maidstone, keep in mind that you have to select something safe and friendly for your kids. But how do you do that? Here are nine buying tips.

Keep it low. Did you know that you can already teach independence to your little ones with the right furniture choice? If you opt for low-profile couches and side tables, you allow them to climb onto or access items on top of them more easily without neglecting their safety.

Hang shelves on the wall. People who work in a furniture shop Maidstone recommends having your bookshelves attached to the wall instead of buying a freestanding one. This will help you keep your books and other fragile decorations away from your children’s reach. This will also prevent them from accidentally getting hurt by playing or tinkering with such ornaments or displays (e.g. Vases).

Choose the right upholstery material. When you buy a sofa, couch, or any kind of seating, it’s best to invest in fabrics that can really hold up. If you got kids, microfibre, ultrasuede, and leatheraire materials are highly recommended because they’re hard to tear up and scratch- and stain-resistant. These are also friendly for your pets if you have one at home.

Opt for non-toxic wood and/or metal. If you can, it’s also better to purchase furniture whose wood or metal elements don’t contain toxic materials (e.g. Formaldehyde or paint with a hazardous chemical component).

Buy corner protectors if you can’t avoid having furniture with sharp edges. If you’re a parent and buying furniture for your home, you might also want to go for rounded and curvy furniture rather than pointed ones. For instance, buy a rounded coffee table instead of a square-shaped one. If you can’t avoid buying furniture with pointed edges, make sure to make the kid-friendly by using corner protectors.

Invest in a slipcover. In terms of keeping your furniture like sofas and couches clean and free from crumbs, oil, or any other stuff that your kids might unintentionally put on them — it’s best to have a slipcover. There are many customisable slipcovers available so you can choose the suitable size and design.

Add carpets and area rugs. To protect your flooring system and to prevent your kids from slipping, it’s also wise to place carpets and area rugs — especially in areas with high foot traffic (e.g. Living room, hallways, kitchen).

Choose furniture designed with storage solutions. Living with kids is challenging because of the clutter that they bring forth. The solution for this is to buy furniture that doubles as a storage area. For example, instead of a simple bench, opt for a storage ottoman.

Create a dedicated space for your kids. To ensure their safety, you can also allocate a room or a nook in your home as their entertainment area where they can freely play, read a book, or make art. In their bedroom, you can also save in the long run if you invest in furniture that grows with them. For instance, instead of a princess-themed bed, you can visit a furniture shop Maidstone and buy a storage bed that they can use even when they grow older.

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