A List of the Different Types of Roofs


Most of us never think about our roof until that day there’s a problem. We hardly clean the roof gutter, have never spoken to a roofer or roof contractors, and as such, have no clue about the different types of roofs available.

There are several roof types, with some that make your home more weatherproof and energy-efficient, and this article will take you through all of them. If you’re looking to undertake a roof replacement or get a new roof entirely, the information here will be right up your alley, especially if you’re in the Florida region.

Hip Roof

When we mention hip roofs, we refer to a gentle slope with four faces. This is a popular choice for many homes in the Florida region, even though it is challenging to build. This is because they’re great for high wind areas and are less likely to get damaged during hurricane season. If you live in Tampa, Florida, it’s always a good idea to answer the question of “Is your roof ready for a hurricane in Tampa, FL?” Chances are it is if you have a hip roof. However, due to its complexity, it demands the services of a roofing company with years of experience in both construction and roof repair. It also requires quality work to keep you protected from all the vagaries of the weather.

Gable Roof

With the use of quality materials, a gable roof that’s well built will adequately protect your home. The two pitched areas of this type of roof meet at a point, forming a triangle known as the gable. It can be built with different materials like asphalt, shingle, and even tile, provided the best roofing contractors make it. The gable is extremely popular, thanks to its easy installation and application to most house designs. It can be used for commercial roofs, the shedding of water, and the facilitation of ventilation.

Jerkinhead Roof

The third best service roof is the jerkinhead. It’s a merger of the gable and hip designs, giving it an exciting aesthetic. The exteriors essentially look like a Gable but with shortened ends. When going in for this kind of roof, consider the installation services available to you, and work at getting the best service because it can get a little complex to put together. Nevertheless, it does a great job offering attic insulation, waterproofing, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Mansard Roof

These are residential roofs built from high-quality materials, making them one of the best roofing options. The Mansard, or French roof, features four double sloped sides to create a low-pitched roof in the center. Getting a Mansard as a new installation is excellent because it gives you extra living space. Not an attic, but more of a loft, thus giving you the option of adding commercial properties to your space.

The Mansard roof system also features curved or flat sides, with the upper slope always having a more gentle pitch than the lower slope. A new roof installation (which includes the change in silhouettes, from straight to concave and even convex) can be a bit perplexing, but not to worry. You don’t have to make use of your warranty yet; that’s the beauty of the Mansard.

Flat Roof

The flat roof isn’t flat totally. These are shallow sloped roofs that give off a flat appearance. A slight slope is given to allow for the run-off of water and more accessible gutter repair. One thing you must be mindful of with a flat roof is the roof leak, which is often a result of low-quality construction or issues with the slope.

Before investing in a flat roof, take a look at the free estimate offered by companies. As part of their exceptional customer service, many roofing companies provide a free roofing estimate, and they allow you to bid against their competitive prices for some services such as gutter repair and cleanup.