A Simple Guideline In Choosing Area Rugs For The Bedroom


Nobody wants to start the day stepping on an icy cold floor after a warm and comfortable sleep. A cosy area rug under the bed will keep the feet warm, muffle sounds and add an extra colour and texture to the bedroom. However, with the wide range of choices available, it can be quite daunting to pick the best area rug that will match with the furniture and furnishings.

How to choose an area rug

The bed is always the main focus of the room.The area rug that you will put under the bed must extend by at least 18 to 24 inches beyond the edges to make sure that you will be stepping on something warm when you get up. A few inches more will make a huge difference in creating balance inside the room. This means that when you are choosing an area rug, it must be proportional to the space and placed according to its dimensions. If the bedroom is long the orientation of the area rug must be lengthwise.

One of the trade secrets in checking that you have an appropriately sized area rug is to use a painter’s tape to visualize the right rug placement. In an all-inclusive layout, the area rug must extend beyond the bed and accompanying furniture like nightstands. If the space is large enough to include a separate living area, the space can be defined by a smaller area rug that will complement the colour and pattern of the larger one.

Since the bedroom is your personal sanctuary, your main objective in the choice of area rugs must be comfort and your own personal style. The bedroom does not usually experience high foot traffic which means that you can opt for the more luxurious and elegant area rugs. A good choice would be polypropylene and wool that are hard-wearing and durable but soft and plush.

To keep things interesting, create a contrast between the rug and the rest of the bedroom. For example, a solid-coloured area rug works best with a colourful patterned bedding. Simple designs in bright colours will enliven the solid colour of your walls and furniture. If you are considering an extremely large area rug, a good choice will be neutral coloured ones that will not overwhelm the space.

Since the last thing that you would want is a nasty fall when you get out of bed in the morning, use a non-slip rug pad to hold the area rug in place. A rug pad will also add a bit of cushion and softness aside from muffling sounds. Since the area pad will act as a buffer between the floor and the rug, it will prevent the fibres of the rug from being crushed.

There are unique area rugs that can reflect your personal style. Do not be afraid to try something different for the bedroom; after all, it is your own personal space. You can choose from neutral colours or personalized patterned area rugs to provide the bedroom with an extra layer of texture and colour.