Advice And Solutions To Reduce Humidity In Buildings


Humidity in your condominium can be a real scourge. It is a factor of many inconveniences, such as damage or sanitary problems, and it is difficult to fight against humidity. However, some daily gestures and solutions can limit the development of humidity in your building to make your life more pleasant.

The Consequences Of Humidity

Humidity can have very painful consequences. Whether for the quality of the building or the inhabitants’ quality of life. Humidity is a difficult phenomenon to control in a building. It appears in different ways, each as embarrassing as the other.

Humidity is recognizable in different ways. Stains manifest this on the walls, halos, fungi, or even condensation on the windows. Cold walls are also a sign of dampness.

And humidity which can be cleared by Damp specialists Kent for example isn’t just limited to the walls; you may notice the presence of humidity on your ceilings or woodwork. In addition, high ambient humidity associated with the heating of a room promotes the development and proliferation of fungi on your supports. The most dangerous case you can deal with is the presence of dry rot in your building.

Dry rot is a devastating fungus that feeds mainly on wooded parts of buildings. This fungus can endanger a building by attacking its entire structure. It is, therefore, very important to place the subject of humidity in your condominium at the heart of the debate to prevent it and overcome it to avoid all the inconvenience it causes.

Health Risks Associated With Humidity

Humidity, besides damaging your walls and supports, is very harmful to your health. The high humidity in a building is a real cradle for the development of many bacteria and pathologies. First, humidity promotes the appearance and reproduction of dust mites that lodge in all your upholstery. Serious allergies can be declared because of these dust mites. Humidity brings significant respiratory problems. Very harmful for the pulmonary system, high humidity in the ambient air causes discomfort in the bronchi, promotes respiratory allergies, irritation, and, more seriously, the declaration of asthma. For the well-being of the condominium, the humidity of the building is a real problem to be solved.