Aircon Servicing Singapore


We are one of the best Aircon Repair Company for residential and many other services in Singapore. We are the best because we are confident and strongly believe in our work and provide you with the best services that we have to offer to you.

From repair and installation to aircon chemical wash, we have all the services that are mainly required for your aircon to work as good as our services!

Our aircon servicing company is dedicated to offering services for your aircon not only for the residential client (s) but also for:

  • Commercial Clients
  • Industrial Clients

The aircon services that we provide for our customers are as follows:

  • Complete quality aircon repair services
  • Full chemical wash for your aircon
  • Complete installation of your aircon
  • Full cleaning aircon service (s)
  • Total gas top-up for your aircon
  • Complete troubleshooting for your aircon

Additionally, we also offer services and contracts for maintenance for your aircon.

There are million other Aircon Services in Singapore, why should you consider our service (s)?

And why are we the best and why should you choose us? Here is our answer!

We are providing one of the best and reliable Aircon services in Singapore. With effective and safe aircon services along with other aircon services like repair services, chemical wash, and aircon installation.

The people who make it possible to deliver one of the best of our services to you are from our experienced staff and team. Our staff has years and years of experience in the aircon industry, which makes the service delivery to you, triumphant and the best.

We here at Aircon Services SG understand how essential and valuable time is for you. And we believe that excellent service comes from proper time management. Time Management and efficiency are one of our top priority, just like it is for you!

And if you are considering to withdraw our service because our services sound expensive and out of budget for you? Do not worry! We got your back! Our company understands your budget and has set costs and prices concerning your ideal budget. The aircon services that we provide to you are high-class and affordable.

Read the following if you want to know how to book your appointment for your aircon services.

On our website, you will find at the bottom of the page, “Book an Appointment.”

You are required to enter the following details to place or book an appointment for our services:

Essential criteria’s:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email address

Optional criteria’s:

  • The subject of your message that you will be asking us
  • Your questions, inquiries, messages that you have to ask us about our Aircon Services

COVID-19 Update

As per the guidelines and rules issued by our government, we are going to follow the latest “Circuit Breaker” Measures. The scheduling and services for you can only be done until we receive any further information or notice from the national address. Let us follow the guidelines and get our lively and thriving life of Singapore back!