All You’re Looking To Know About Heat Pumps Air Conditioning Auckland


In case you’re hearing about it for the first time, a heat pump is an appliance similar to a freezer designed to heat and cool down the atmosphere in a house. Heat pumps air conditioning Auckland provides homeowners with comfort that’s usually reserved for high-rise office buildings, executive apartments, and five-star hotels. This appliance heats, cools and dehumidifies. It also filters the air of impurities such as dust.

The heat pump is designed to circulate the air without heating and cooling to get rid of stuffiness. A standard heat pump is a 2-way system with an indoor and outdoor unit. That’s why they are usually referred to as split systems. Many come with remote controls to maximize convenience.

How Heat Pumps Air Conditioning Auckland Work

A fridge works by transferring heat from its food compartment to a coil at the back. Similarly, a reversal can be done to allow the heat to flow the other way. A heat pump transfers heat from outside air into a room in winter and transfers heat from inside the room to outside air during summer.

Suitable Heat Pump Size For Your Home

Every home is different. The secret to choosing the ideal size heat pump for your home is to accurately estimate the heat that will require being transferred into the home in winter for heating and out the home in summer to cool it. You need to seek the help of an experienced professional to do the estimates.

You should note that heat pumps don’t consume a lot of space. They are designed to be as obstructive in size as possible. Heat pumps also have neutral décor and operate at low noise levels. They are also available in different types from different split system varieties to stylish through-the-wall packaged units. That means you can easily find one that better suits your needs based on style.

Heat Pumps Are Cheaper To Run

Heat pumps utilize electricity in transferring heat. An electric heater converts electrical energy to heat energy, which means that it’s limited by the electricity used. On the other hand, a heat pump doesn’t have such limitations. It can transfer up to three times the amount of heat from outside air than what an electric heater can convert from electricity.

Other Benefits of Heat Pumps

As mentioned, heat pumps operate at low noise. The source of the noise in a standard heat pump is air impinging on the grille as it is being forced out of the unit. Noise from the air is not as high as ambient background noise and, therefore, often not distracting. Heat pumps are very reliable. They utilize the same process as your freezer or fridge and have the same level of dependability and longevity.

Saving Heat Pumps

Another important thing you should note is that heat pumps require regular servicing and maintenance. Routine maintenance ensures optimum operation. That involves cleaning the air filter and checking to make sure that the refrigeration charge is okay. You also need to service the pump before the start of each winter or summer season.

Final Thought – Heat Pumps Are A Better Option

Heat pumps are better than other air conditioning options. They are cheaper to run and provide other benefits that many systems don’t. Heat pumps don’t burn oxygen or create stuffiness as in the case with open fires. They offer maximum comfort and not just during winter.

Heat pumps air conditioning Auckland produce low-density heat that’s safer for the elderly and children unlike oil-filled or electric heaters and fires. They provide utmost ease of use and convenience. Heat pumps don’t pollute the atmosphere as they don’t have combustion products. They utilize eco-friendly refrigerants and they are the best investment for any homeowner who is looking for a comfortable and cost-effective way of heating and cooling their home.