Amulets and spiritual souvenir can help you bring back positive energy


Do you want to know how to ward off negative energies from your home? Come to me spiritual amulet can help you by being not only a mere part of the decoration, but also powerful objects to protect and help you achieve what you want – like love and prosperity. Several esoteric techniques and beliefs help to attract good energies, such as stones and crystals, house numerology, Feng Shui and plants.

Amulets also have this role, but it is important to consecrate them before use. You can use the amulet that you most identify with, placing your intention on the chosen object. This can be done by holding the amulet between your hands while saying a prayer with requests. It is worth asking for protection, energy elevation, peace and source.

Horse Shoe

We advise you to line it up hanging over the front door of the house with the ends facing up. In this position, the horseshoe blocks negative energies that may try to enter your home along with people and even impregnate objects. It also magnifies how good vibes from the environment.

Feng Shui Elephant

We nominate this well-known amulet for people who need to attract more prosperity to themselves and those who live with them. When choosing an elephant, choose one that has a well-raised trunk, because it brings more luck. The idea is to form it in the living room or in the home office, with your back to the entrance door of the environment. In addition to working on prosperity, the animal helps in the emotional, bringing more stability, patience, firmness and perseverance”. 

Saint George’s Sword 

This plant is ideal for those who usually receive unwanted visitors. She has a high power to break the evil eye, dense energies like fights, gossip and discord in general. Place the Saint George’s Sword in a vase or arrangement and place it outside your front door. It is important to emphasize avoid having as much contact with pets, because unfortunately it is a plant that is toxic to them. If this one has a risk, choose another safer amulet for your animal.

Rose quartz

This crystal is a key piece when it comes to attracting good energies to our love life. I indicate two ways to work with rose quartz so that it becomes an amulet: the first is to consecrate it by making requests with it in hand. Store the crystal in a small red bag, sew it, drip a little of your perfume and hang it in a place in your room so you always have access. This is very good for attracting new love and harmonizing relationships! The second way is to leave it exposed in your room after saying a prayer with it in hand.

Coarse salt

Coarse salt is the cheapest and most versatile amulet we can have at home. It is able to capture and renew the energies of the environment, which is why it is as famous as a repellent against envy. For you who are feeling heavy energy in your home, the ideal is to put a glass of coarse salt behind the front door, changing it weekly until you feel the environment lighter.