Australia: The World’s Biggest, Hottest & Driest Island

Australia, without a doubt, represents an infinite potential in tourism due to the different places, customs of its immense population, years of stories surrounded by the natural beauty that by 2021 will provide the best scenarios in the world.

The images that unquestionably come to mind when they talk to you about Australia are the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos, and koalas. Australia is a vast country, and some travelers have to settle to see some of its most impressive sights. But what if we told you that you could get to know them all if you know how to travel around Australia?

Things to enjoy at Hottest & Driest Island

The great ocean country offers endless possibilities for intrepid spirits like yours. Tourism is one of its most important economic sectors. But it also has an excellent road network and first-rate public transport services. Buckle up and get ready to travel Australia as you’ve never imagined!

Australia is a country that looks like a continent. Isolated from the known world for a long time, it offers landscapes, flora, and fauna unlike anything else. Australia looks great via social media marketing.

At the end of the 18th century, the English sent Captain James Cook to the south of the world, intending to find Terra Australis, the Land of the South. The adventurer would arrive at a place populated by the locals, who had been living in harmony with nature for more than 50,000 years and a large number of totally unknown species, animals, and plants. Even today, Australia continues to maintain its aura of mystery and adventure. A country, almost a continent, whose vast nature offers deserts, beaches, islands, forests, mountains, rivers, and lakes in contrast to the modern cities created by man.

The sixth-largest country in the world has a population of barely 24 million. With over 80% of them living on the east coast, visiting Australia and its vast expanses of uninhabited land will make you feel like an old-fashioned explorer.

In the tours of Australia, the tourist is forced to study its geography, highlighting the cities that go from its capital Canberra, Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, Bathurst, and Darwin.

In addition, there are places that visitors will appreciate as tourist attractions in Australia, such as the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, and the Great Barrier Reef. What’s more, tourists can enjoy a tropical climate with beautiful beaches and a desert climate steeped in magic. It is suggested that travelling into the Outback should be done as part of a group.

The Tasmania Nature Reserve covers twenty percent of the entire island, representing about 13,800 square kilometers. Who knows this natural reserve knows that he will be enjoying one of the tourist attractions to see in Australia, for that tropical jungle that preserves a comprehensive flora and fauna.


On this Island of Tasmania, a World Heritage Site, you can enjoy the beauty of the Tamar River, with the most beautiful vineyards in the world. 

You can choose in the capital Hobart, visit the Museum of Old and New Art, and various galleries, shops, and restaurants.